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Know The Pitfalls Of Solar Panels Not To Be Misled


Solar energy is an exciting and environmentally friendly way to go green. It makes a significant difference to the planet. Solar power provides many benefits. It will help you save money on your electricity bills. The solar panel system is an investment in the future. However, before making your final decision, make sure that installing a solar system is right for you.

If you have decided to get a solar panel system for your home, you should find the right solar panel installer. The first step when going solar is to research the solar market. Then you should get quotes from various solar panel companies.

A High Price

The cost of purchasing and installing a solar panel system is one of the main disadvantages of solar energy usage. While maintenance cost is usually minimal, and you only need to spend little on repair, solar systems’ initial installation cost is high. You should purchase solar panels, an inverter, wiring, and other solar equipment and pay for the installation. Solar energy storage is also expensive. Solar energy is generally stored in solar batteries. The battery is charged by sunlight during the day. Then you can use the stored energy at night or in case of bad weather.


The solar panel system will cost you between USD 15,000 and USD 25,000, including the equipment and installation. Solar battery storage is an additional cost between USD 7,000 to USD 15,000. Nevertheless, solar technologies are developing, and the prices go down constantly.

Besides, choosing a solar installer is a responsible process. The pricing is the main pitfall when selecting a solar installer. Always have three or more quotes to compare, and do not forget about VAT being included. And remember that a higher price does not mean better quality.

Exaggerated Forecasts Of Generation, Savings, Payback Period

Another essential factor when going solar is the returns and payback period. The solar panel payback period estimates how long it will take you to receive back your solar investment. The average payback period in the United States is 7.5 years. And sometimes it is not reasonable to go solar if you are planning to move. However, even in this case, solar panel kits will increase your home value and your returns when you sell your home. You will also save with solar panel tax credit and other incentives.

While solar power’s main benefit is that it reduces your electricity bills and helps you save money, electricity costs are lower than the national average in many states. In this case, installing solar panel kits for home will not be profitable.


There are various loan programs and leases to get a solar system, as not everyone has enough cash to afford a solar panel installation. However, zero-down solar loans are the most profitable ones.

Comparing your quotes, make sure your data and forecasts are based on the same assumptions, including:

  • How much you currently pay for electricity
  • Your annual electricity consumption
  • Electricity tariffs and possible price inflation rate
  • Solar electricity consumption at your home

No Product Descriptions Or Data-Sheets

When comparing the proposals from solar panel companies, it is essential to find data concerning the solar panel system and the inverter and the manufacturer and model number for both. Also, pay attention to the data labels on the equipment and compare them to the data mentioned in your proposal. In this way, you will avoid receiving cheap solar equipment from your solar installer.

Second-hand Equipment

All the equipment for your solar panel system should be new and in a box. When you receive the packages, check them. In case you look and find something wrong or suspicious with the equipment, check it with your solar installation company.

Wrong Mounting Fittings

Generally, the solar panels engage a lot of space, depending on the energy required for your needs and the number of panels needed. The best option to install a solar panel is on your roof. The solar panels are not straight fixed on the rooftop. First, an aluminum frame is installed on your roof. The frame is attached to hooks or anchors. Then the panels are mounted on that frame.


Solar panel installers often use cheap materials, which will later decrease your solar system efficiency and even lifetime. So, make sure you work with a professional and high quality solar installation company.

IN case there is not enough space on your roof for the solar panels, you can mount part of them on the ground in the yard with sunlight access.


Considering solar energy expensive and sometimes even inefficient, be sure that solar energy is still extremely beneficial. With electricity tariffs rising and solar panel prices going down every year, solar energy becomes more popular and competitive. Solar technology progress is another inspiration for the future of energy sustainability.


So, make sure to do the right research and find answers to all your questions. An experienced solar panel company will support you to weigh all the disadvantages before installing a solar system.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 



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