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Solar Panel Maintenance And Cleaning


Purchasing a solar panel system is a valuable investment. Solar panels become dirty because of dust and pollution. Thus, to ensure the longevity of your solar system, solar panel maintenance, and solar panel cleaning is necessary. 

The efficiency of solar panels closely depends on the cleanliness of panels. In case there is debris on the solar panel, it is going to produce less electricity and reduce the profitability of the system. 

Solar Panel Annual Maintenance

Solar panel maintenance is the technical maintenance of the solar panels. It should take place once a year. 

Generally, solar panels are durable. They need little maintenance over their productive life of about 25 years. If you clean them periodically and make sure they do not get dirty, they are going to function long. Rain clears the dirt and leaves out of panels as well. So, during the dry season, you have to clean the panels yourself. Solar panels’ cleaning is needed not more than four times yearly.

Solar panel systems come with a warranty that covers replacement and repair costs. In case you lease the system, the maintenance is not under your responsibility anymore.

Installing ground panels instead of roof panels will make it easier for you to keep them clean. Another relevant tip about solar panel maintenance is keeping the panels out of shade. In the shade, solar panels become inefficient as they do not receive sunlight. 

You can check your solar panel with a solar panel monitoring system. The system will help you track the energy produced and alert you in case of breaks. 

Solar Panel Maintenance Guide

It is essential to clean and maintain the solar panel system frequently. To clean your panel system, you need clean water and a sponge or a brush with a long handle. You can add to water a special soap to remove any grime or dirt from the panels. Do not use chemicals and abrasive materials to avoid scratching the panels. It is better to clean the system in cloudy weather not to leave stains on solar panels. One of the principle guides is to turn the power off before cleaning and turn it on when the panels are already dry. 


Yet, there is always a risk you can damage the system. So, professional maintenance is consistently a better idea. 

What are the benefits when professional solar panel maintenance companies clean your solar panel system?

  • Minimum risk. The solar panel system is both expensive and sensitive. So, a professional will ensure to clean it properly.
  • Evasion of further expenses. While cleaning the system, the professional solar company will check your system. The technician will inform you of the condition of your system. He will explain if there is a need to repair or replace something. 
  • Safety. Climbing onto the rooftop can be dangerous as you can slide off. Moreover, working with electricity and electric wires is risky. 

Solar Panel Maintenance Cost

The average cost of solar panels ranges from about USD 11,000 to USD 14,500. The average cleaning charge is from USD 150 to USD 350. The cost of cleaning depends on your location, your home height, the roof type, and the solar system size.  


To maintain the solar panel system, you will spend from USD 300 to USD 1000. The maintenance includes evaluating the efficiency of solar panels and inspecting for damages. The professional will also check inverters, cable connections, and system security. A qualified technician will guarantee you have made the right venture, and the system is in order.

Solar Panel Winter Maintenance

Solar panels need light and not heat to work. Thus, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside. Panels will still produce energy, yet, less than on summer days. Maintenance is compulsory after snow removal. Generally, there is no need to remove the snow from the panels. Snow will melt and fall from the roof and will not damage the panels. In case there is heavy snow you need to remove, it is better to call a specialist. Also, avoid using very cold or hot water on a warm panel as it can damage the solar panel.


Maintaining a solar panel system is not hard. All you need is a good warranty and a licensed maintenance company to take care of your panels and keep them clean and in order. Invest in LA SOLAR GROUP, and your solar panels will provide you with renewable solar energy for years. If you need more information on solar panel repair and maintenance, feel free to contact us.


Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan