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Enphase Envoy-S Installation And Operation


Being an integral component of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, Enphase Envoy-S is intended for operation between the Enphase devices, solar pv system and web-based monitoring software. The enphase envoy s, when used with Enphase devices, is capable to control Photovoltaic production and grid management. As for its utilization with non-Enphase Photovoltaic systems, the enphase envoy s functionality is limited to the collection of consumption and production data, no grid management is available. 

How it Works

A connected system assumes smarter energy and more convenient consumption. The enphase envoy provides an insight into the energy usage, remote control and load management via Enlighten monitoring software. In other words, it is the gateway of communication through the internet that provides you with permanent data regarding your system performance. With the Enphase microinverter system the enphase envoy s will serve as a connector that collects energy and performance data for you. It has flexible networking capability with different internet sources.


Each solar company will suggest you a bunch of solar system accessories but the enphase envoy s is a mandatory if your system design includes Enphase microinverters.

Types of Envoy S

If you are about to install this product you must first choose between the two types:


Location and Installation

Despite the type of your Envoy S the choice of location is the same. It can be installed both indoors and outside the residence. However, it is best to be located nearby the load center or PCC (Point of Common Coupling) to ensure strong communication with the microinverters. The place should be dry and cool, just like in case of installation of any other electronic device with wires. It is recommended to be located out of metallic enclosures which can suppress the Wi-Fi signal strength. 

The device comes with a DIN rail that serves as a base for installation – both horizontal and vertical. The Envoy S Metered is hard wired, the Envoy S Standard comes with an AC power cord. During the installation precaution is mandatory. Make sure to de-energize the subpanel before starting the process of installation and wiring. 


After the installation a detection of microinverters and other devices must be performed. This process is best implemented with the Installer Toolkit mobile app. Another option is the Envoy S device itself with the “Device Scan” button. As soon as activated it starts searching for necessary devices. 

Connect to Enlighten

To report to the Enlighten your device requires internet connection. This connection can be implemented via integrated Wi-Fi, existing broadband router, as well as Enphase Mobile Connect cellular modem. If the LEDs are flashing green on the device, this means that the software update is in progress: do not remove power not to cause damage to the device. 

As soon as the system setup is completed you can generate a summary report and send it to your office as a confirmation of successful system installation. Hence, the system registration is completed, and the account is generated for the owner. 



The LEDs are the best indicators for Envoy S operation state. As already mentioned above it is easy to perform system traceability through the Enphase Installer Toolkit mobile app. This method ensures permanent monitoring and enphase envoy troubleshooting. Below is the Envoy S LEDs indicator list according to states.


The enphase envoy price differs slightly based on the types mentioned above. Thus, for instants, the Enphase Envoy S Metered price varies between $700 – $800, as for the Enphase Envoy S Standard, the approximate price in the modern market will be $500 – $600. In case of a monthly subscription you can get the product for an even lower price.

Author of the article: Helen Kocharyan



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