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The solar industry has been working non-stop for the last several years to increase home installations, solar farms and more. The year 2019 even had a 23% increase in installations in comparison to 2018.

Unfortunately, 2020 has been up to a rough start. In the middle of a pandemic scenario, the U.S. accounts for more than one-fourth of the COVID-19 cases worldwide. The government took measures, including social distancing, shutdowns of economic sectors and a general population quarantine. The solar industry is bound to be affected by these measures.

Halt in the installation and sales of PV systems

Reduced in sales and impossibility of installation are among the biggest COVID-19 consequences for the U.S. solar industry. The solar revolution is taking a big hit in these dark times, but it might be sooner rather than later that the solar industry will be needed the most.

Weather blackouts are still a possibility

So far the U.S. electrical grid has worked seamlessly, but natural disasters and weather conditions have been common causes for general blackouts in the past. In the middle of a general shutdown, home energy is among the few things that keep people optimistic about the whole situation.

Combining the threat of power outages due to weather or season natural disasters, and the current situation with COVID-19, people might consider having a solar generation system installed. Given guidance from CALSSA, installations of solar plus storage systems are considered among the essential services, allowing California companies like LA Solar Group to still provide homes with PV system solutions.

LA Solar Group is among the few companies available during COVID-19 providing homes with solar power backup in the middle of a season where blackouts are an imminent threat. Every installation follows the strict safe distance regulations and protocols, ensuring safety for both clients and company workers.

Start saving during COVID-19
Start saving during COVID-19

There might still be a brighter future after COVID-19

One of the popular resolutions of the solar revolution is stopping climate change and reduce CO2 emissions. COVID-19 has made many terrible things, but it also made some positive changes for the planet.

Some countries with a high carbon footprint like China, reduced their CO2 emissions by at least 25% in just one month, reducing their overall pollution by 18%. This phenomenon is happening all over the world in different degrees.

If society finally had a change of mind and notices the difference in earth pollution, the world might get a chance to step into a green future.

Solar installation during COVID-19
Solar installation during COVID-19




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