Yes, you need to be home for the site evaluation because we need to check structural supports of the roof and we need to go inside the attic. Please do let us know if there are any pets in the yard, gate codes or any specific instructions for gaining access.

Yes, someone needs to be home for your city inspection. The City Inspector wants to check the carbon monoxide units and we also need to install the monitoring system as well. We would need access to your router and Wi-Fi password as well.

The City Inspection is when a City Inspector comes out to your home and makes sure our install is being done correctly and is up to code.

Usually there is no maintenance required. All maintenance and warranty is included in our 20 year -Worry Free warranty program. The 20 year complete maintenance and warranty will cover everything.

No, you do not have the permission to turn on your system until your utility company grants you the PTO “Permission to Operate.” If you turn it on before they grant it, it will not reflect on your bill.

Yes, we do annual production monitoring. If it does not meet the expectation of what we promised we will cut you a check for the difference.

It really depends on your utility company. Once city inspection is completed we submit your paperwork to your utility company. They can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

You need a main panel upgrade because you either don’t have enough space in your panel for additional breakers or not enough amperage to support the load service.

Our Accounting Department takes customer payments. They can be reached at 818.435.3400.

Payment breakdowns are in your solar agreement if it’s a cash purchase.

You will get a paid in full invoice when the project is fully paid and completed upon request. We can also send invoices along the way if requested showing the payments being applied.

The full balance needs to be paid before the system is turned on. It covers Labor and Product as well. The payments are broken down in your contracts if it is a cash purchase. If you finance, the full balance is due when your city inspection has passed. Once the full balance is paid, we will be able to submit paperwork to utility company.

It will only show the NET of production and usage, not on your utility bill.

On the 6th page of your bill, top right corner you will see a year to date summary.

Once the envoy is installed, you don’t need to look at the display for getting data. You will receive an email with a web link which you can sign into to monitor daily/weekly/monthly production.

After the device is installed, within 72 hours the system will be registered and you will receive login information.