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4 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Solar Company

Expert Service
Solar Consultants

LA Solar Group’s solar consultants are more than just sales people, they understand solar. Our consultants are excited to discuss with you how to interconnect with utilities, the optimal solar design for your home, how the installation occurs, and, above all, provide you with superior customer service. Read More

Industry Professionals

Solar energy is more than a business; it’s a growing technological industry. LA Solar Group participates in professional organizations such as CALSEIA, SEIA, and ASES. These solar advocacy groups are in contact with building and safety officials, utility providers, and numerous government agencies so we are always up to date on the newest developments in solar.

Acquiring Solar

With so many ways to go solar, make sure you are working with a company that offers flexible financial options. At LA Solar Group, we make sure you go solar the best way for you. We offer cash purchases, financed purchases, leases, power purchase agreements, and the Hero Program (in eligible areas). Read More


Not all solar systems are created equal. LA Solar Group has tried and tested several brands to find the most efficient and long lasting equipment, as well as offer you a variety of panels, racking systems, inverters, and monitoring systems to make the system custom to you.

Company Installers

All of our installations are performed by LA Solar Group employees, who are specially trained to ensure quality workmanship. Working with sub-contractors can be risky as company standards are not expected of them. In fact, some sub-contractors may not carry the proper workman’s compensation insurance. If an installer gets hurt during the installation process, the homeowner might be liable. No such risk with our fully covered and skilled installers!

Customer Reviews

People trust other people when making decisions, especially when it comes to our home and lifestyle. Our customer reviews on Yelp and Facebook speak volumes to our company values of quality and customer service.

Areas Covered


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After I received six proposals to install solar panels on my house, I decided to use LA Solar Group because of reviews, price and the presentation by their sales rep, John. All the presentations were good, but LA Solar Group seemed the best fit for my wants and needs. My judgement paid off for me.

William R., Long Beach, CA

Thank you La Solar Group for making our home energy efficient and environmentally friendly for the future generation. Gary Lubin, your sale rep. was very patience with us and guiding us through the whole process. He was always so professional and promptly responding to all of our emails and phone calls.

Bo V., Cerritos, CA

It's been a year since our solar system was installed and I'm so happy that I chose LA Solar Group. Excellent customer service from the very start. James and Ara answered all of my questions and explained the whole process from beginning to end.

Desiree V., Los Angeles, CA

La solar group is wonderful. I got quotes from many companies and they were the best price and did a very professional job. I was able to get a hold of them over the phone and email regularly.

Paul K., Anaheim, CA