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La Solar Group  is a solar energy company in Los Angeles,  California that helps people to convert sunlight into electricity through the solar panels.

 Our solar energy company have assisted number of people living in California state, in turn helping them to reduce their power bills drastically due to the installation of solar panels, which is more affordable and contributes to the sustainable development of our world. . We match (maybe, help you to contact?) you with the best skilled pre-screened solar providers in California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts.

How do solar energy systems work ?

The components of the solar energy system help to harness renewable energy (energy from the sun) to be used in your premises. The process begins with light hitting a solar panel, followed by the process of converting the heat from the sun into electrical current, which can be further used to provide power.

Through usage of the energy from the sun we will strike your solar panels to generate power by electrifying the photons in the installed solar panels. Each solar panel converts those photons into electrons of direct current (“DC”) electricity. The electrons drain of the solar panel and into an inverter and other electrical safety devices.

Solar Process

While Using solar energy instead of other non-renewable sources of energy we are saving (maybe preserving) our mother Earth and its resources. The power of sun is a huge and inexhaustible resource for us, thus, we would only benefit from using the solar energy. In an hour more energy falls from the sun to the earth than our (or the entire?) population will ever use in one year.


Get in touch with solar industry professionals

Our solar energy company in Los Angeles will present each of the money-saving programs, ranged from government rebates to a wide variety of solar financing solutions available to reduce or get rid (maybe avoid?) of the preliminary solar panel installation expenses. It is not a problem for us to find for you the best solar energy professionals in Los Angeles, which is, however, not an easy task at all.


All you have to do is to submit basic information (photos of the residentials?) about your home/building where you want the panels be installed with the current energy consumption data.. We will give you enough information to help you determine if solar panels are going to work for you.


We review aerial photos to figure out whether your residential or corporation, where you want to install solar panels, has the kind of the roof that meets certain standards and requirements, such as appropriate angle for the sun exposure. Once we are certain that solar energy is a viable choice to meet your home/residential or corporational energy needs, one of our best solar professionals in Los Angeles will undertake your inquiry, and help and advice you not only before and during the installation process, but even after it to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and how it was intended to. . To ensure that we have got all the talented specialists in the position, we have done pre-screening process to determine and choose the bests. We always determined to choose who are reputable around the town and who are able to do installations with the highest quality. We are ensuring that no one is going to recognize your energy needs and be able to satisfy them better than our specialists do.


You are in the hands of the best solar energy company based in California where we provide high quality equipments/products, deliver satisfactory experience with affordable installation price.


Why to compare with marketing companies?. We are well educated about the process and procedures that our customers are going through as we have already served a great number of people in our local markets.


Now it is your turn to choose us, as we are the best providers of the solar panel installation systems in California market (but above it only stated LA area, and California is too big). We are ready to answer to any questions that you might have about our service delivery as well as expect you to review the process and procedures of our service not to have any unclear points. In case you would have any concern do not hesitate to contact uss for additional details. We are always available for you.


How much it will cost ?

Although the solar energy is free, special equipment is needed to convert it into electricity. The upfront costs for this equipment can be daunting and confusing for consumers, however, there are  many financing options  available to reduce the initial load/principal amount/down payment?. Today you can go solar for zero down.

Submit for Free Consultation

Your solar process will start providing your info to our site (cannot understand the meaning of this sentence). Then one of our solar specialists will get in touch with you to explain about the methods and pre-qualifying(?) questions  of solar systems. set up an appointment,  either our service provider or one of our representatives  will contact you to examine/discuss the benefits, costs, and procedures of going solar more deeply and concisely.

Service provider Consultation

 Our installer will analyze your roof, your electrical panel, and your electrical bills. The  latter actions will help them to complete the installation of the solar panels at  your chosen location properly. Moreover, our professionals are always there to clarify and explain to you the  cost analysis of the system, and answer to any questions or concerns you may have. Once you decide to   stay with us, our professionals  will continue the design process. But even when the panels are installed, and you start getting energy from the sun directly at your workplace/or home, does not mean that our job is done. Always know that we are always there for you, thus we are providing warranties to all our customers.