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Inverters are electronic devices that convert the sun’s DC power, captured by the solar panel, to usable AC power for your home or business. It is this technology that truly harnesses the sun’s energy for your consumption! A major asset to a solar energy system is to have the technology to monitor, track, and manage the system's production. Our solar solutions include free monitoring service that you can view at home or remotely from your phone. By far, it’s the most effective way to maintain and collect information about your system’s productivity and to better manage your production throughout the week, month, and year.

Monitoring is provided by the Enphase Microinverter system and the Solar Edge Inverter with Optimizer system.


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Enphase is the premier name in microinverters, technology that converts solar power immediately from each panels, rather than in batches like a central inverter. With Enphase, energy production increases, fire risk is minimized, and you are offered a unique monitoring system, allowing you to see each panels’ individual production. On our end, Enphase simplifies design and installation. It is a product we all can agree upon for its advanced technology and ease of use.


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Solar Edge is a central string inverter system designed much like a microinverter system. Inverter includes optimizers that are attached to each solar panel to not only boost the efficiency of each panel but to also improve production of panels that may be affected by obstructions such as shade or a chimney. The Optimizers also allow detailed monitoring for the whole system or per panel basis.

Don’t know how to access your monitoring?  If your solar system was installed with Solaredge or Enphase, then you will be able to access your system portal here.