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Now that it’s the middle of summer, Californians are taking advantage of their pools. What many homeowners might not know is that keeping their pool clean via pool pump could be a lot cheaper. If you still have an old single- or dual-speed pool pump and are tracking your energy consumption, you likely know that your single-speed pump is a giant energy hog. Replacing it with a variable speed pump can radically cut energy usage, and can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

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Those who live on the California beach know it’s a unique and sometimes challenging environment. Wind, sand, mist, and sea spray all combine to create that iconic coastal atmosphere. If you are thinking about updating your beach house with a solar system, you might wonder how that atmosphere affects the cost of solar panel maintenance and installation. What’s required to maintain a rooftop solar system at the beach? Fortunately, LA Solar Group has experience installing solar for homes in beachfront communities, and are ready to answer all your questions.

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2016 was a great year for the solar industry market. As a matter of fact, the industry nearly doubled since 2015 with 14,626 megawatts of PV installed. Despite the success that last year’s solar energy installations were driven by utility scale projects, commercial and residential markets have also experienced solid growth throughout the US. 95% increase is due to the extension of the Federal Investment Credit and utility companies integrating solar as an energy resource. Also, with trends in community solar, which in 2016 accounts for 200 megawatts, there’s now a shift with the framework on how solar energy can be more attainable.

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LA Solar Group’s growth in the last 3 years demonstrates their determination to be the leader in solar energy. The company has recently opened offices in Bakersfield, CA as Kern Solar Group and Fremont, CA as Bay Solar Group to allow homeowners in those areas the opportunity to receive the same high level of service, quality, and support in their switch to renewable energy.

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The idea of storing energy has become a major topic of discussion in 2016. As technology for renewable energy advances, sustainable storage solutions appear to bring a whole new level of innovation to the energy market. As we enter 2017, affordable storage can result in more renewable power sources and create the opportunity for customers to become more energy independent by leaving the grid to be their own self-sustaining energy provider.

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