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    Take full control of your energy expenses

    Here is what home automation does


    Reduce your electric bill by having an ability to control when and how your home's appliances are used


    Your home will automatically turn appliances on and off based on your personal preferences and settings


    Monitor and manage your home's energy use anytime and anywhere directly from your mobile phone

    Endless possibilities and flexibility

    home automation system

    See how home automation works

    Learn ways to save money by controlling and timing all your home’s appliances

    Hundreds of satisfied customers

    Roofing is the most important home improvement project

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    The customer service team works with you and helps you with whatever you have.

    five star review

    I love that you can manage everything online.

    five star review

    I couldn’t be happier, the installers were on time, communicative and professional.

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    LA Solar Group

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    Complete 25 year warranty

    Most knowledgeable consultants

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    Most trusted in home energy

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