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Why You Should Have A Home Battery

To truly live off the grid, you need a home battery. A home battery acts as a bridge between your house and the power grid, so when there is a power shortage it will act as a backup electrical system. While it runs, the home battery stores power from the grid or your solar panels which it deploys throughout your home. 

How a battery connects to your home:

1. The Grid - A network of powerplants across the world that delivers power to individuals like yourself. 

2. Main Distribution Panel - Circuits that run from the grid into your home appliances and rooms. 

3. Home Battery System - Advanced energy storage, which can function independent of the grid. 

4. Critical Loads Panel - A backup of the main distribution panel, which is powered by the home battery. 

Home batteries range in power and size, from 6 kWh to 20+ kWh, the average battery having enough power to keep an LCD TV on for 50 hours. That's at least 20 movies. 

Promising companies like Swell Energy are providing state-of-the-art "smart" home batteries that are lightweight and cloud-connected for monitoring purposes. 

Since PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) in February 2016 had announced the Self-Generation Incentive Program now has never been a better time for off the grid living. 

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