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Comprehensive System Warranty and Production Guarantee

Worry-Free Ownership Over the life of your System

LA Solar Group offers one of the most comprehensive System Warranty and Energy Production Guarantees in the industry as part of the system price - including all labor and materials.

25 Year Panel Warranty
25 Year Inverter(s) (incl. Power Optimizers, if applicable) Warranty
25 Year Balance-of-System Warranty
25 Year Installation Workmanship Warranty
10 Year Roof Leakage Warranty (solar installation related)
25 Year Panel Cleaning (if necessary to achieve energy production guarantee)
25 Year Equipment Warranty

Industry-Leading Warranties

We commit to using the highest quality materials and to provide excellence in engineering design and installation that is second to none. We do it right the first time and all the system components are designed for the longest life, right down to the washers. We warranty your equipments and our workmanship and we guarantee a quick installation or we pay your electric bills, it is that simple, and worry-free.