One of the best perks of a solar system is having the ability to monitor your system’s energy production. Property owners can see in real-time the productivity on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. What makes monitoring such an important factor of a solar home or business is having the cabability to track how thesystem is generating solar power in relation to the energy that’s coming from the utility company. It’s a great tool to visualize your electricity offset between the two.

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Being that clean energy is a fundamental issue in today’s political spectrum, the Whitehouse wants it to be available to all Americans. The plan is called, Clean Energy Savings for All Initiative. The goal is to bring 1 Gigawatt of solar energy to low and moderate income families by 2020 part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan to install 100 megawatts to federally assisted housing.

Since Obama’s presidency, solar electricity generation has increased 30x and jobs in solar have grown 12x faster than the rest of the economy. This Initiative is a cross government partnership between the Department of Energy (DOE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Agriculture (USDA), Veteran’s Affairs (VA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Health and Human Services (HHS). State agencies will also collaborate to help promote innovative financing options, improving technical assistance to the local communities, driving innovation, increasing the workforce and providing training to make sure low and moderate income Americans take advantage of clean energy.

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Earlier this year California passed the second part of the Net-Energy-Metering program (NEM), deciding to continue to offer NEM at the same rate but with added charges for solar homeowners. NEM 2.0 now requires homeowners to go on a Time-of-Use Plan and adds Non-Bypassable Charges (NBCs) and a one-time Interconnection Fee.

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Earlier this year, SunEdison commenced a complete restructuring of their corporation due to their loss that they filed late last year. To date, SunEdison is still the largest renewable energy firm in the world. They been in the solar business for over 40 years. Despite the company’s fast growth that lead to too much debt, they are as a matter of fact still in business. What this means to homeowners that have purchased or leased with SunEdison is peace of mind with their system warranty.

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When going solar, it’s not just LA Solar Group that’s going to be involved in the installation project. Also included is the City’s Department of Building and Safety and also the Utility company. In this case, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

Before a solar installation can begin on the home, LADWP has to first unlock the meter. This allows us to modify the home’s main electric panel and update it with a solar ready meter and attached the proper breakers to the panel bus. Some homes, may have a main electric panel that is not compatible with the new solar system. Learn more about main panel upgrades here. In such a scenario, it will be required for an Electric Service Representative (ESR) from LADWP to make a visit to the property and determine how a new electric panel (whether an upgrade or downsize) will be allowed and passed per their requirements.
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