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Smappee Home Energy Monitoring System


Smappee is the home energy monitoring system that helps you save on energy expenses by taking control of your house and all the energy it uses. Control it directly through your mobile app.

*Shipping: Included with Installation


Smappee supports a modular approach up to 28 circuits to future-proof your needs, with Class 0.5% revenue grade accuracy. Smappee requires only one Voltage sensor
per 28 circuits. The sensor intelligently matches the phase voltages to the currents. Easily installed in applications from 120V single phase to 480V three phase. Smappee ensures that all the data is synchronized to the cloud analytics platform in a cyber secure data push model. Available options include Ethernet, 4G/5G and Wi-Fi with internal and external antennas for those harsh environments. Future-proof and expand your Infinity SMP300 with a wide selection of modules such as Input and Output Modules to ensure all your utilities are managed in one place. The SMP300 supports up to 40 digital inputs and 20 digital outputs. Smappee offers best-in class visualization of your data, tailored to your needs, allowing you to offer the best possible energy service for your clients with a comprehensive web-based tool, a user-friendly consumer app and a well-documented API and MQTT.


About this item

  • Real-time home energy monitoring system
  • Attaches to your breaker panel, showing individual appliance energy consumption
  • Monitors your solar power, showing how much your home is producing
  • Controls your smart things devices from within the Smappee app
  • Works on iOS and android devices, plus web for detailed desktop analysis
  • Verify the impact of energy-saving measures.
  • Interoperable with IoT products and services.
  • Easy installation, low maintenance, over-the-air updates.
  • Tailored dashboard with real-time and historical data.
  • Protects your data and your privacy.
  • Modular, future-proof.
  • CE/UL certified & IEC 62053-21 active E class 1 compliant.