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System reset and Communication troubleshooting


Having trouble reconnecting your Solar PV system back to the internet? With this service, we will have an expect Solar technician reconnect your system back to the internet and ensure a stable connection.



If you have a Solar PV System that is not communicating as it needs to, we can solve the problem by reconnecting the system back to the internet. Understand how much power your system will produce and learn how to monitor its performance. Our support team will troubleshoot issues that keep your system communicating optimally.

Please Note: This service fee covers an initial site visit and reconnection of the system to the internet without any additional equipment. Services may require additional visits and equipment, such as Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi Extenders, etc. This purchase is only for one (1) visit to reconnect the system to the internet. If the issue is beyond a reconnection to the internet, we will inform you of any additional costs before moving forward. If the additional visits require a whole crew, then we will reach out to you for approval of the additional scope of work and cost associated with the additional visits.