About LA Solar Group

about solar company in los angeles

LA-Solar Group was founded by the group of engineers, who wanted to provide customers with the latest and modernized technology, with user-friendly engineering design, supplemented with the installation services at the lowest possible price.

Finding the best solar systems professional is not always easy. To ensure that all our professionals know what is expected from them and are able to carry out their responsibilities in the best possible manner, we are conducting pre-screening of our future employees on your behalf. We want you to have the most modern, well-engineered, long- lasting, hassle free system with the fastest return on your investment starting from today. All you have to do is to submit basic information about your estate where the solar system needs to be installed, in line with the current energy consumption details. Based on the information that you provide us with we will notify you, and help you determine whether solar panels will work for your estate.

LA-Solar Group is one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in Los Angeles, CA. We would like to emphasize that we are proud of ourselves, as we are providing our customers with the qualitative and thoroughly designed panels, meanwhile, ensuring the smooth service delivery; installation. We have highly-trained specialized staff that are the best at each step of the solar design and installation process. We have leading engineers including our founder who is a constructer and electrical engineer. Our installers have years of schooling and experience prior to ever stepping on a roof and undertaking the serious responsibility of installing the solar panels. We have one of the best designing teams in the industry who can make your solar unit and electrical equipment look amazing, while our customer concierge team makes you feel comfortable every step of the way.

All specialists are put through a pre-screened process. We look at the quality of their installations, and the reputation that they might be recognized for around town. Once we feel comfortable with the choice of our specialists, we pass the information that you have provided us with on to them to allow the bidding process. We take care to never hand your information onto multiple contractors. You should be sure about getting the best quality service delivery as we are using only qualitative of equipment, our workers are experience, and all prices are affordable.

We review aerial photos to figure out if your estate has an effective facing roof for the solar sun exposure. Once we have discovered that solar energy system is a viable option for meeting your estate energy needs, we take all the data and analyze it, and match you up with the best and suitable professional. It will ensure that your needs and expectations are met and satisfied accordingly.

Our team is ready to work with you to customize a complete solar power panel solution to meet your specific needs. Fill out our simple free solar quote form or call us with any questions or concerns you may have, to get you started on your solar system acquisition journey!

Our consultant will describe each of the money-saving programs, from government rebates to a wide variety of solar financing solutions available to reduce or get rid of the preliminary solar panel installation expenses. 

Contact LA-Solar Group today and find out what makes us best at what we do.