ladwp solar bill

Understanding your LADWP Solar Bill

Prior to when you went solar with LADWP, your previous bill had one of the two different options:


1.       Sandard Residential Rate

2.       Time of Use Rate


largest solar city los angeles

America’s Largest Solar City!

Solar power has no doubt grew at a record breaking pace since…just last year! America, now has enough solar capacity to power over 5.4 million homes around the country.  Hundreds of thousands in our United States have invested in solar and over a million are ready to join them.  The major cities around our country have played a huge role in the sustainable energy revolution.  The cities are the major source for in demand electricity and have the potential to influence other smaller cities around the country to join the revolution.

home battery

Why You Should Have A Home Battery

To truly live off the grid, you need a home battery. A home battery acts as a bridge between your house and the power grid, so when there is a power shortage it will act as a backup electrical system. While it runs, the home battery stores power from the grid or your solar panels which it deploys throughout your home. 

How a battery connects to your home:

1. The Grid - A network of powerplants across the world that delivers power to individuals like yourself.