SCE energy bill

How To Read Your SCE/PG&E Energy Bill

If you’re already powering your home with solar and you’re an SCE customer, then I suggest you read more about how NEM (Net Energy Metering) works when going solar. I like to discuss more about how to better understand the billing that you’ll receive once your system has been officially activated.


solar smart meter california

Reading Your New Solar Smart Meter

The Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program allows property owners to send and receive electric energy between their solar system and the utility’s grid.  Before your system is activated and operating, the utility will switch your electric rate to NEM.  California State Law has mandated all public and private utility companies to have NEM as their rating system after a property owner goes solar.

sunpower los angeles

The Next Generation Solar Panel: A Must Have

 Sunpower (NASDAQ: SPWR), the world’s most advanced solar manufacturer and sustainable energy company, has just launched their latest residential solar PV module system called the SunPower Equinox™ system delivering unbeatable performance, highest efficiently rating and most attractive design with minimal architectural and equipment aesthetic at the system level.  With Sunpower’s maximum value in the solar market, there is no question that the fut