Robert Sarai is a leading expert in energy efficiency and sustainability with L.A. Solar Group, one California’s highest-rated solar companies. His goal is to provide smart energy solutions to property owners though engaging and meaningful content on solar technology, energy efficiency, market trends, and sustainability in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Solar System Design Guide

If you have decided to go solar this article is for you. It is a solar power system design course for a beginner who is interested in solar system design…


Solar Battery Backup

To get or not to get a solar battery backup system? The world is rapidly shifting to clean energy usage, and solar energy popularity is increasing day by day. Today,…


Tesla Powerwall Gateway 2

Unboxing the Tesla Powerwall Gateway 2 Tesla Powerwall is a sleek, advanced home battery system that has revitalized the solar energy industry. With Powerwall, you can store solar energy and…


Tesla Powerwall

Solar energy technologies are rapidly developing, and solar energy is becoming more popular. Solar energy has a great potential, as the amount of energy produced by the sun in an…



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