Quick Tips on Monitoring Your Solar System

One of the best perks of a solar system is having the ability to monitor your system’s energy production. Property owners can see in real-time the productivity on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. What makes monitoring such an important factor of a solar home or business is having the cabability to track how thesystem…


Solar Power Purchase Agreements: Pros and Cons for Homeowners

When solar energy moved into the mass market in 2010, many potential buyers hesitated. Who would cover the warranty if the panels failed to produce power as advertised—especially if the panel maker went belly-up? Who would you call upon to maintain the equipment? Solar installers and third-party financing firms answered those questions by introducing Power…


LADWP Feed in Tariff Program

State-wide legislation are mandating private and municipal utilities to help California remain on track to meet it’s 2030 sustainable goals - reduce 40% carbon emissions and achieve 50% renewable energy.…


SGIP For Homeowners

LA Solar Group, in partnership with Tesla, is one of Southern California’s certified Powerwall 2 battery storage installers.  Our partnership requires us to process the Self-Generation Incentive Program - SGIP…


Demand Response In Los Angeles

The global revolution to be more responsible with energy use has changed how we consume one of our most demanding resource, electricity.  Sustainable technologies such as wind and solar has…


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