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Residential Solar Carport

Residential Solar Carport

LA Solar Group is a Los Angeles based solar installation company.  It is a leading solar PV and roofing contractor, providing high- quality solar systems. The company offers a wide range of solar mounting systems, including ground mounting systems, roof mounting systems, and carport mounting systems. Let’s speak about solar carport mounting systems.

What is a solar carport?

Solar carports are canopies built over parking areas with solar panels on them. They are much alike to the ground mount solar panel systems, solar panel modules that are installed on the ground. The main difference between carport solar panel system and ground mount solar panel system is that solar carports are taller so that there was a place for a car to park.

Solar carports can be used both in commercial and residential areas. Panels of the solar carport system can be installed at the most optimal angle for the sunlight. Carports also provide shade and protection to the cars. The angle of the solar carport panels can be upwards in one direction, angled and curved in one direction leading to a flat surface or very slightly angled to the point of appearing flat.

Why to consider a solar carport?

Technically, solar carports are an alternative to roof mount systems. They do not require extra surface on the ground or on the roof like ground mount systems and roof mount systems do. With rooftop solar systems, you can often run into issues installing a big enough system as you do not have a suitable roof area. So, if you are concerned about using your space efficiently, consider the carports. 

In comparison to residential solar carports, commercial solar carports and canopies need a steel metal foundation. Despite the fact that it will add additional expenses to the solar carport system installation process. Thus, residential carports are more cost-efficient. 

The popularity of solar carports is recently rising, and solar energy companies are developing their carport products. Solar carports are stable and reliable.

Solar carport roofs are water tight, and can be installed in areas with snow load. Even though today the price of carports is higher than the price for rooftop and ground mounted systems, the cost of solar carports may fall faster than either of two other systems in the near future.

How much does solar carport cost per watt?

For 2020, solar carports cost about $3.72 per watt with average prices ranging from $3.45 per watt to $3.99 per watt in the US. Your savings with solar carports depend on your electricity needs and on your solar system sizes. You can even redeem more using electricity at off-peak hours.

In the United States, solar carports are more widely spread in the commercial sector than in the residential sector. But the trend of mounting residential photovoltaic carports is rising. It is not compulsory to install a carport system only in case rooftop and ground mount systems are not qualified for the homeowner.

Installing a solar carport system at your home will help you generate enough energy to power your whole home. Two or three rows will be enough for your home. Moreover, it is always possible to install more rows and generate more electricity than needed. You can sell the electricity excess back, thus gaining money.

We will help your system design to meet all the possible rebate incentives in California and other states, including Federal Tax incentives. Solar carports are new products in the US markets.

Thus, it is important to analyse the market offering installation, get different quotes and compare the price, options, etc. You can get your quote from LA Solar Group. Our experienced team is always there with advice and professional approach. We will assist you with the design of your solar carport system.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan



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