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Solar Costs Skyrocket? Know The Truth Not to Overpay!


Solar energy is famous as an inexhaustible, environmentally friendly, and affordable resource, a great alternative to fossil fuels. All of these are true; however, recently, people started asking, “why is solar so expensive?” This is a question that is hard to associate with solar, taking into account low monthly payment rates and battery conservation of excess energy for more savvy consumption. Turns out, some solar companies put such high rates on solar power that they exceed even solar panel local prices. Unbelievable, but reality. For you to imagine the extent to which companies exaggerate these prices, let me tell you that solely salespeople may earn more than thousands of dollars per customer. Isn’t that insane? Not to mention, if we consider Los Angeles solar incentives, there arises the issue of comprehending how solar panel companies can exaggerate prices so much that even solar incentives become useless and change nothing. Suggestion: let’s come from the beginning, understand reasons to switch to solar energy, and be informed.


Why Switch To Solar Power?

Well, well, three main reasons to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy include environmental sustainability, affordability, and inexhaustibility. The resource is sustainable and limitless, which provides us with the opportunity to make the planet a better place to live in. We get as much energy as we want from photovoltaic panels, and we consume it with joy because we know that the environment receives the least amount of harm. Moreover, by consuming the energy of the sun, each household cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 80 percent – a huge number that can make a difference! Apart from these two, people love solar power because they spend the least amount of money and get abundant energy. Has something changed? Not at all! What has changed is how companies manipulate their customers. Know the truth!


What is The Real Price of Solar Power?

Knowing the truth is easy now, especially with solar programs in Los Angeles. A great initiative got recently established called “Solar Cost Exposed.” They expose the actual costs of solar to prevent PV companies from manipulating people. They report that the energy bill with solar should not be more than $20 per month on average, depending on your preference of solar panel efficiency and pattern of solar energy consumption. Every little detail should be taken into account before contemplating about the prices. Everything matters – location, infrastructure, annual solar radiation, etc. Based on these and many more factors, professionals may offer different types of solar panels for the best financial outcome of yours. By calculating solar panel cost based on dollars per watt system, you may get a price of approximately $3 per watt on average.


Final Note

See? Solar panel prices alongside solar power ones are not overly expensive. If misleading solar panel companies try to deceive you and get money from you, just go over the statistics and make them aware of them, too. Go solar, go save! Btw, always choose certified companies like LA Solar Group not to regret it later.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan




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