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We understand that certain conditions are important to homeowner so we like to do our best to accommodate. A recent homeowner brought to our attention a particular heart condition that was a great concern for her and her solar system. She was curious about any possible Radio Frequency signal that may interfere and be harmful for her heart. The solution we presented to her was the Smart Meter Guard.

Smart Meter Guard is the principal meter shield that guards 98% to 99% of the RF radiation transmitting from a home’s electric box smart meter in seconds. This is the main item available that shows continuous information blocking EMF prior and then afterward of the Smart Meter Guard. It protects RF waves on the outside with no additional protecting required within the house!

The Smart Meter Guard has been effectively introduced on and blocking RF for a long time on a large number of smart meters over the US and Canada.

Advantages of the Smart Meter Guard

– Blocks Smart Meter RF Radiation inside and outside the house.
– Safe, no penetrating or establishing wires required.
– High quality stainless steel development endures 10 to 15 years if not longer.
– No additional protecting required on the opposite side of the meter like different items.
– Won’t break down in UV presentation from the sun.
– Easy to introduce/no get together required.
– Portable so you can bring it with you on the off chance that you move.
– Fully tried and demonstrated to eliminate 98% to 99% of the RF discharges.

Brilliant Meter Guard Construction (made in America)

Every Smart Meter Guard is built from a premium stainless steel fitting. It has three stainless steel bolster rings that are spot welded to the stainless steel coinciding for backing and quality. What’s more, it has a stainless steel vertical bolster shaft that is welded to the two stainless steel rings. In conclusion, it has a securing cut with a stainless steel jolt for securing to the base ring of your shrewd meter.

The utilization of 316 stainless steel implies the Smart Meter Guard will face the UV presentation from the sun, amazing atmospheres and not rust or erode in the most exceedingly awful climate conditions.

The Smart Meter Guard hinders the RF at the back of the meter and does not require additional protecting at the back like different items. Including additional protecting behind the savvy meter is muddled and costly. This video shows the Smart Meter Guard hindering the RF inside the house and at the back of the shrewd meter.

Easy installation with no Assembly Required. The Smart Meter Guard is a one piece system that can be installed in seconds.



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