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2018 Energy Storage Market Trends

Energy production with solar and energy storage has completely changed the relationship property owners have with their utility company. As states across America are pushing to mandate sustainability and contribute…

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Your Solar Installation Checklist

Installing a solar system shouldn't be a complicated process.  Getting the right information and setting the right expectations will make the journey go solar fast, simple, and exciting. Understanding how…

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What is the ITC Solar Tariff?

The ITC Solar Tariff may change the direction of the U.S. solar  industry. Despite the industry being a constant, evolving market, the last 5 years has brought us affordability, new…

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How To Choose The Right Solar Contractor

In this three part series, we’re going to discuss one of the most important and difficult tasks when going solar, choosing the right solar contractor. There are many solar companies in California that advertise themselves as “the best,” while third-party companies acting as brokers that recommend the “right solar company for you.” But what does…

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