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LA SOLAR GROUP is on 5000Inc. List Again! 6 years of Market Leadership


The 5000 inc list 2021 has revealed its annual rankings, and we are in it once again! Our company has grown by a massive 153% in the last three years. We have proudly held this spot on the list for the past six years and with its help we have proved that we are the best solar company in LA. You might wonder the significance of the 5000 inc list 2021 and why our company has the privilege of being on it. We are here to answer that.

What Is The 5000 Inc List?

The 5000 inc list showcases the fastest-growing companies list. Several privately held companies in the US get on there by showing signs of entrepreneurial success. It has included many big companies over the years, and it represents a significant view of successful companies. It means that if you have secured a spot, it is something to celebrate! 

Insight Into One Of The Fastest Growing Solar Companies

Sales-Specialist-Of-La-Solar-GroupJames Macdonald, Sales Manager at LA Solar Group

When asked about why he thinks we got on the list, James MacDonald, Sales Manager at LA Solar Group, said: “The culture at LA Solar Group is amazing. The company’s potential is growing into one of the best in the US, and being hands-on and making improvements in every aspect of the company inspires me. Working here gives employees the ability to adapt to changes quickly and effectively communicate with different cultures. I possess a lot of these skills, but they have been enhanced greatly since working here.”

How We Became A Leading Company In Our Field


Solar energy usage in LA has been on the rise in recent years. We pride ourselves on providing the best options for potential customers, whether for a new solar system installation or battery installations or roofing repairs and financial options. taking care of all the complicated steps is what we try to do. For example, the paperwork that needs to be filed for inspection and any rebate or financial applications. We ensure our customers only reap the benefits of Solar power. All of this accumulates into the level of success we have achieved over the years, and we are ecstatic to have our spot secured on the 5000 inc list 2021!

How Our Team Stays On Top


“Always having a positive attitude and the ability to tell people good and bad things is my way of encouraging workers to follow in my footsteps,” says James, Sales Manager at LA Solar Group. “I like to make sure I’m taking time for myself and focusing on being the solution, not the problem.  I always find ways to set time aside to do things I enjoy and focus on that instead of work. It makes sure I am as productive as possible. I also love motivational videos where I can get pumped up and focus more on accomplishing my tasks. In the future, I see myself running the day to day operations for the company. I see LA Solar Group going public and expanding into multiple states.”

We are proud to be recognized as a 5000 inc list 2021 member because it showcases our growth even in 2020 with all of the challenges we faced as a nation. Solar companies all over the nation have provided many solar-based jobs to lend a helping hand to the unemployment crisis. We plan to use our growth in providing quality technology and leading in the green movement. We are proud to be able to help in developing a unique eco-friendly culture in the US and abroad. 



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