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Roofing – Five Essential Tips


The issues regarding roofing should not be underestimated by any means. Being the most important part of your house exterior, it is highly recommended to inspect your total home roofing twice a year, in spring and autumn. Although most roofing companies propose 15 or even 20 years’ guarantee for their roofing materials and installation, it is preferable to double check than to get rid of the consequences. Here are some important tips for your house exterior essential. 

  1. Nature Against You


When talking about roofing maintenance remember that trees around your house can often be the source of troubles for your roof. Providing a pleasant landscape view and a shade from the noon heat these trees also can have branches leaning on your rooftop and causing some scratches to your shingles. To prevent any possible damages to your roof it is better to trim the branches that are getting too close to the house. 

Another troublesome problem with the trees is the leaves and other elements that can pile up in different areas of the attic and cause the water to backup instead of pouring out through the drainage system. This can also result in damages of the system. What you should do is cleaning the rooftop at least twice a year and inspecting possible damages. In case you find some, they must be replaced or repaired at once. 



  2. Ventilation/Insulation: Controversial but Useful


When choosing a roofing company and roofing materials make sure to stop your choice on the items most suitable for your roof to breath. Proper ventilation is the guarantee of your roof’s longevity. Without it heat and moisture can cause gradual demolish of your rooftop. Lack of ventilation can also result in dry rot. Hence, choosing a correct ventilation system will ensure your roof’s effectiveness.

Proper ventilation also assumes appropriate insulation. To prevent moisture rising to the attic it is highly recommended to include a vapor retarder under the insulation next to the ceiling as well as a gap-free insulation directly on the attic floor. For a perfect result you should have about one-inch open air space between roof sheathing and insulation. 

  3. Permanent Maintenance 


With permanent maintenance it is assumed first checking the color of your roof. Basically, the northern areas of the roof exposed to shades are more likely to get gradually covered with mold and fungus. If you ignore this fact for a long time it will eventually deteriorate the roofing material of your house. It can also result in leaks and consequences of the latter. To prevent this the installation of zinc strips along the ridge of the roof is a great solution. They are long term (about 20 years), environmentally safe (EPA approved), ensure roof protection from mold and fungus.  

No matter what type of roofing shingles are installed on your rooftop they can get damaged due to certain weather conditions like permanent heavy rains, hails or strong winds. This can result in roofing interior structure vulnerability, mold and other negative effects. Again, we come to the idea of checking the rooftop at least once or twice a year and repairing possible damages. 


  4. Best Shingles in the Market  


Very often people decide to choose cheap materials for affordable roofing. However sometimes it is better to choose a comparably expensive solution for your roofing system, which will serve you much longer than the cheaper one. This difference may not be apparent at first site, but as time goes by you will notice the sustainability of a good material. 

As a rule, the asphalt shingles is considered as one of the best material solutions. Manufactured with different designs, shapes and thicknesses, this product will satisfy every customer. It is considered that the thicker is the roofing layer the more sustainable your roof will be. This material has also been conducted for various tests like intense heat, ultraviolet rays of the sun, intense winds, and others. The results proved multilayer asphalt shingles to show the best performance. 

  5. Safety is First 


When climbing up on the roof don’t forget that it is extremely dangerous up there and the chance to fall is very big. It is preferable to assign the work to the professionals but if you have decided to get up on the roof keep in mind that: 

  • You should stay on a ladder equipped with special safety feet.
  • In case of climbing up the roof you should wear special non-slippery rubber shoes.
  • Ensure your safety with a harness. 


And remember, each american roofing company will propose a variety of quality roofing for you to choose from. You should make the final decision based on your budget and house features. 

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan