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Save Energy And Money With A Variable Speed Pool Pump


With summer arriving in a few months, it’s time to save energy and money with a variable speed pool pump. What many homeowners might not know is that keeping their pool clean with an electric pool pump could be a lot cheaper. If your pool is powered by a single or dual-speed pool pump you likely are aware that it can be a giant energy hog. Replacing it with a variable speed pool pump can radically cut energy usage, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.


Here’s Why Variable Speed Pool Pumps Save Energy

Whether your energy use comes from the utility or renewable sources, you’ll want the pool pump along with other household appliances to run as efficiently as possible.  Much like a programmable thermostat, variable speed pumps (like the Pentair, pictured below) let you schedule different speeds at different times. This allows the pump to do the heavy work during off-peak times at night, so that the power you use is purchased at the lowest possible price.

Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates for California

Besides just saving you money, variable speed pumps can come with some great incentives. For example, LADWP offers up to $1000 in rebates on qualifying variable speed pool pump installation or replacements. SCE offers rebates of up to $200.  To qualify, you need to get your new pump installed at a single-family residence in a preexisting or new in-ground pool by the end of 2018. Spas, Jacuzzis, and ponds are specifically excluded from the offer. You’ll also need a proof of purchase to claim your rebate.  Contact us to know how much rebate you will receive from your local utility provider.

If you hire a contractor to upgrade your pool pump, remember to make sure they’re properly licensed to do the job. Look for a Contractors State License Board certification. You can check your contractor’s credentials quickly online. LA Solar Group is CSLB C-10 licensed for electrical contracting, and CSLB C-46 licensed for solar contracting.

If you have questions about pool pumps, your home’s overall energy efficiency, or other aspects of energy usage, LA Solar Group is here to help. If you’re thinking about going solar, we can answer those questions too. 



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