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Zero Out Your Electric Bill. Solar Modules Are Here!


Have you ever wondered how solar systems work?

First, they convert solar energy, better known as sunlight, into DC power using the photovoltaic effect. Afterwards, the DC power can be converted into AC power and stored. AC power is what can be used to power a house. Depending on your energy usage, you can send excess power back to the grid for credits, or they can be stored in a solar battery.

There are three types of solar energy systems in LA: 

  • on-grid
  • off-grid
  • hybrid


On-Grid Solar Modules


These are the most common solar system types that don’t require a battery. Such panels usually use solar inverters and stay connected to the electricity grid in a two-way connection. Meaning that depending on your energy usage, you will either import power from the grid or export it. However, since you are still connected, you would not be able to continue producing solar energy for safety reasons in case of any power outages. In California investing in solar is good because your utility provider offers incentives such as net metering policies, which credit you for the energy you provide to the grid. So, each billing cycle, you will get credit on your electricity usage bill. 


Off-Grid Solar Modules

With the decreasing prices of battery storage options, off-grid modules are becoming more and more popular. These systems are entirely independent of the grid, which means that if designed correctly, they can power your home on clean energy. Even in winter when there’s off-grid solar module shading. In case of a power outage, you would have power in your home for at least a few days, which is vital for some people. Once solar power is used, it will automatically be sent to your battery bank. When it’s complete, it will stop receiving power and start powering your home at night when there is no sun to rely on. You can additionally invest in a backup generator to ensure that you have power at all times. 


2 in 1: Hybrid Solar Systems



Because of the decrease in battery prices, you can also utilize them on solar systems connected to the grid. That means that you can store excess generated power and use it at night, and when you’re running low, you can switch over to the grid. It’s truly the best of both worlds. You also have the option of charging the batteries using cheap electricity from the grid. It usually takes place at around 6 AM. If your utility allows it, you can still part-take in net metering policies with a Hybrid system. In this case, you can send the energy stored in the batteries to the grid, and when the batteries are drained along with the solar panels not being in use, you will depend on the grid. 

By using this new off-grid solar system, you can completely zero out your electricity. It’s the future of renewable energy and an option for you to have autonomous clean power.



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