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Rolling Blackouts

Breaking News: The Hydropower Plant Can Be Closed For The First Time


The extreme heatwave continues to squeeze the electricity supplies not only due to wildfires caused but also prolonged drought. Indeed, for the first time ever, the California power plant is on the verge of getting worse. What does this indicate? This means that the power generation of the California state is cut by another plant. Note that before this incident, two gas plants broke down because of extreme heat. Hence, California Rolling Blackouts are not far from happening again.

The California Hydropower Is Expected To Be Closed

According to the California Department of Water Resources assistant deputy director of the State Water Project, the Edward Hyatt power plant next to Oroville Dam in Butte County is expected to close in August. The plant has operated ceaselessly since opening in 1967. However, this year Lake Oroville and the reservoir where the plant got its water have drained because of a lasting drought.


The California State Loses Its Power Generation Capacity

The closed hydropower plant would result in the loss of about 1,000 megawatts of power generation. This became a real concern for the officials as the power supply is already tight. This drought is again a reminder of the disruptive consequences of climate change on the state power and water supply. The State Officials rely on residents’ conservation of power usage, roughly from 4p.m. to 9p.m. in order to prevent Rolling Blackouts from happening this summer. Last weekend California lost 5,500 MW of power flow because the Bootleg Fire in Oregon shorted out several power lines. For you to understand how serious this is, just imagine that this lost power generation is equivalent to closing 10 large power plants.


Final Note

As other Western lakes and reservoirs are seriously affected by climate change and extreme heat, it’s time to stop and look back to see how we reached these severe problems. Climate change is no joke and what’s happening to the California state is just one of the examples of how it affects everyone. Therefore, everyone is responsible for the footprint it leaves on the environment. Hence, one should cut back all the polluting activities to save the Earth. Going Solar is a great way to do so. Solar energy is clean, unlimited, and free energy everyone can cultivate and make great use of it. In addition, solar energy will ensure that unexpected power outages are no more a threat to the residents.

The author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan



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