LA Solar Group

LA Solar Group projects that have been facilitated and installed.

LA Solar Mono Module

The LA SOLAR MONO MODULE LS430-450BL series These panels offer a range of high-quality solar panels with distinct characteristics. These panels are designed to deliver high conversion efficiency, excellent loading…

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Understanding Solar Roof Penetrations

Let’s be honest, roof-top solar is a complex project. The roof's integrity is on the line so it's up to the right contractor to earn your trust when installing your…

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Carports Make Sense for Solar

Carport solar systems installation in Los Angeles and across California has been gaining popularity with residential and commercial property owners. Carports make sense for solar because it’s all about maximizing…

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LA’s Top Solar Installers

As one of LA’s top solar installers, we’ve installed some of the most challenging solar projects. From January to October 2017 LADWP activated 246 projects installed by LA Solar Group…

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Your Solar Neighborhood

Everyday people's lives are changing because of their decision to incorporate renewable energy into their homes.  We've been very fortunate to help these folks who have gone solar so we…

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LA Solar Group Goes Solar!

It's been just over a year since we've expanded to a larger office space and we're excited about the solar system we just installed on our roof.  As a leading solar installer, prior to moving in we knew the potential the building had to reduce energy from the grid as well as how much we…

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