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New Design Of Solar Panels Awaits You: Transparency And Efficiency Combined


What farmers love is sustainability. Indeed, what they adore is a fast yet delicious harvest. Could someone ever imagine that transparent solar panels will make berries like strawberries and raspberries grow faster and amplify the taste? Turns out, it is possible these days. It’s of no surprise that the solar panel system is capable of delivering sustainability, speed, and efficiency to its consumer. Indeed, even solar panel companies are surprised with a technological upgrade by the Swiss research institute Agroscope in cooperation with the energy company Romande Energie backed by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. Coming up with the idea of having a transparent yet more efficient photovoltaic panel is phenomenal. You may wonder what’s the meaning behind mentioning the correlation between berry growth and transparent solar panels? Let me clarify that scientists concentrated the potential benefits of the novelty on fruit yields because it is the best way of measuring whether transparent modules cover a considerably higher percentage of sunlight.

How Do Transparent Solar Panels Work?

Of course, perfecting a mechanism that already brings a great deal of sustainability and environmental advantage to the world is a complex task. Indeed, there are no limits for scientists who want to make the world a better place. That was the incentive for these geniuses to come up with a technology combining two usage modes. One of the usage modes works towards generating power, while the other usage mode operates for the purpose of leaking the light. Instead of conducting one function with transparent photovoltaic panels, scientists combined two simultaneously.


What Is The Meaning Of The New Solar Mechanism?

Like all of the professionals involved in the experiment, including Bastien Christ, the Head of the Berries and Medicinal Plants Research Group at Agroscope, explain that solar modules become innovative tech equipment capable of adjusting the shade & light balance by combining two different modes. In this way, photovoltaic cells take under control the amount of sunlight that gets through them. The mechanism may seem simple to test and certify. However, testing such a mechanism will take a total of four years. Moreover, the testing will be conducted on a site in size of 165-square-meter. Lengthy and spacey testings are required, yet in the case of recording success with these transparent solar panels, farmers will get the superpower of being sustainable, fast, and efficient in berry harvesting thanks to novel solar panel design.


Final Note

Bastien Christ mentioned, ‘Dynamically adjusting the light transmitted to the plants paves the way for increased protection from climate variations and possible increases in crop yields thanks to the matching of the light to the needs of the plants and the lowering of the temperature during heat waves via the shading effect.” The truth is that making transparent photovoltaic panels work will become a tech breakthrough not only for farmers but also for the whole world. Let’s not forget that these days people all over the world look for more sustainable ways to generate electricity. This means that if a chance is given in the form of transparent solar panels, each and every person capable of taking it will definitely go for it.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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