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Solar Power Fights Unemployment: L.A. Offers Green Jobs


Prison is not the best place where citizens aim at making a change in the world. Moreover, it is not the place where citizens aim at becoming the change themselves. However, it turns out Ramon Ramos, a former gang member that was just released from prison, is already working in one of those green jobs as a landscaper and anticipates position promotion. Where does L.A. go with such a drastic change in the employment sector? On behalf of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles chair of C40 Cities announced that L.A. aims to curb CO2 emissions by 45 percent by 2025 and reach net zero by 2050. These goals are attainable for L.A. because of the action plan it utilizes that includes energy grid decarbonization and electric vehicles’ promotion. What it does is promote the shift to renewable energy resources like solar energy to bring L.A. to becoming a carbon-free, net-zero, and climate-resilient city. Emphasis is put on having a drastic unemployment rate decrease due to job openings as a result of centralization around activities & places contributing to the sustainability goal the city has. Does it match the reality? Let’s proceed with the article and see.


Is Renewable Energy THAT Important?

The chief sustainability officer of the city announces a goal of colossal implementation that probably needs investments, especially in the human resource sector. Considering the words of Lauren Faber O’Connor, “ L.A. is trying to demonstrate how climate action is also a road to racial and economic justice and equity.” – renewable energy should be a powerful tool towards realizing such a massive initiative. Are facts supporting this? According to the research brief sponsored by the International Labour Office and European Union, renewable power is one of the key players in implementing such an initiative. And yes, human resource investment is the biggest one for the project’s successful realization. The thing is that a shift to renewable energy creates jobs, and supplying a skilled workforce to apt positions requires considerable investments in education and job training. Indeed, this is not a big issue as, i.e., solar panel companies like LA Solar Group, do not hesitate to invest in recruiting the best staff possible and constantly train people according to their talents & abilities. Additionally, as far as it is concerned, L.A. is looking forward to shifting to solar energy, which means that the city already has at least one company supporting and uplifting the change.


Why Specifically The Solar Sector?

Trending solar energy is the resource towards which L.A. moves to achieve its sustainability goals. But, how realistic of a plan is this? Well, well, taking into account the rate of expansion of solar panel companies and solar equipment like solar panel kits, solar power inexhaustibility, and affordability, if not the energy of the sun, then what? At this point, the choice is one, and it is the sun’s power. To tackle the city’s sustainability goals to such an extent, companies should go beyond their capabilities. This means that training hovering around solar panel installation, solar panel efficiency coordination and solar panel system optimization should rapidly grow in number. There is no other way to utilize the photovoltaic sector for the city’s sustainability goals without a greater number of green employees. Why? Because the human resource is the core helper of driving the city closer to the sustainable future it strives towards. If the unemployment rate decreases, if people start getting well-paid & green jobs, if they get specialized knowledge on why solar energy is valuable & needed these days, the probability of switching to renewable power like the sun’s energy will experience a surge.


Final Note

Isn’t it the experience that facilitates the change? This case is not an exception. Get people to have the experience to become the change L.A. wants to see.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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