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Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance: What? When? How?


Have you ever noticed what happens after a certain purchase? Consumers just forget about product maintenance as if the product should take care of itself. The same happens when people decide to go solar and purchase solar panel kits – the most affordable product bundles of all time. They think that just buying solar equipment and having it installed is enough. Indeed, there are two procedures of utmost importance for lengthy and efficient photovoltaic (PV) panel functioning. These procedures are solar panel cleaning and maintenance. Solar panel manufacturers constantly remind customers about the importance of the procedure. Indeed, customers often forget about these and eventually get under a massive financial burden right after the solar panel installation. So, it’s time to learn about the details of these procedures and see that these are easy to conduct.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance Explained

Let’s keep the long story short and simply put what these are. PV panel cleaning is just washing photovoltaic panels like windows. Nothing hard – just washing them to ensure that panels are clean from dirt particles, hail, rain, etc. In its turn, solar panel maintenance regards the technical supervision of PV panels that is mainly completed by professionals. A small piece of advice – clean your panels as required, and no further professional maintenance procedures will be needed. Let’s not be lazy and save money.

When To Proceed With The Procedures?

Ensuring customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for a company like LA Solar Group. You may not believe it, but PV panel cleaning can be done once a year. Yes, you heard it right – once a year is an optimal time to proceed with solar equipment cleaning. Indeed, depending on the location, weather conditions, and inspections carried out by the professionals, the frequency may differ. For instance, if the location is exposed to excessive pollution, constant dropping, and other similar unsustainable practices, inspections should be done more frequently to prevent huge costs in the long term.

How These Procedures Are Carried Out?

After this article, you may just run to the solar store and make that purchase. As we have discussed, taking care of PV panel cleaning may hinder the need for professional maintenance services. So, what if I tell you that cleaning PV panels is as easy as pie? You need two things – a soft cloth and lukewarm water! Just wet the soft cloth and gently move it from one side to the other, like in the case of window cleaning. And you are ready to go! But, please, be careful with cold water, abrasive sponges, and soap, or any other type of detergent! These degrade the quality and efficiency of photovoltaic equipment even though the looks get better. Do we need the look without its perfect functionality? Of course, we don’t!


Final Note

Always remember that every purchase needs to be taken care of. PV panel companies like LA Solar Group are there to guide you through the solar journey and never let you down. Trust the company of your choice, be consistent with what they say, and see how your buying experience gets upgraded. Go solar, change the perspective on post-purchase experience, and just enjoy all the perks of solar energy for good.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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