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The Green Shift Is Real: What Is Los Angeles Up To?


The whole world today thrives towards environmental sustainability. Reasons to do that are many, including the aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, amplify health, and, in general, make the planet a better place to live in. Basically, what everyone strives towards is implementing the green shift. A plan to shift to green energy is one of the ways of its implementation. Just the example of going from fossil fuels to solar energy is an alternative of walking towards the green shift – moving the energy resources to green. The initiative is a massive one, yet its impact on the environment and human health is beyond beneficial. It is logical to assume that not everyone may have the incentive to drive the green lifestyle, so a group of people need an incentive. What can be a better incentive than a well-paid job? Not only will people have the motivation to live sustainably, but the unemployment rate will decrease alongside the green shift. The idea of living sustainably and being sustained with a well-paid job attracts even prisoners. Ramon Ramos – a former gang member, sees the initiative of the green shift as a change he wanted to make to his life. Let’s dig deeper into the topic and understand to what extent a plan to shift to green energy is attractive and needed.

What is Green Shift?

These days the world is full of environmental challenges that need to be overcome. To overcome these challenges, society needs to craft a sustainable approach to each and every aspect of life. That “craft” part is the green shift that needs to be addressed. Everyone is used to consuming products without thinking about how much they harm the climate and the environment. Indeed, scientists report that the green shift is probable to happen in 30-50 years. Considering that the population will grow at a steady rate during that time, if not restructuring our habits, the world will suffer from unsustainability. That is why a transition must take place, and people should start consuming products & services that have the least amount of negative impact on the environment and the climate. Indeed, before acting, the mindset should be changed so that everything happening is long-term. 


How Is The Long-Term Change Possible?

If we take Los Angeles as an example, it strives towards making the green shift a possibility and a long-term one. Its approach to the initiative is to walk towards it in a way that it benefits all residents – even prisoners. In the case of prisoners, jobs in the green sector can be a motivation to lead a sustainable lifestyle. A former gang member Ramon Ramos mentioned, “I hear people are trying to go green. So, I thought there must be money in this if I work hard.” For him, the green shift is acceptable and can become a reality if it brings money.


For other people, such as environmentalists, knowing that statistics on greenhouse gas emissions will drastically drop is an incentive to go green. LA aims at decarbonization by a shift in energy resource type (fossil fuels to solar energy) and promoting electric vehicles. Such a strategy accompanied by a strong will of citizens to live sustainably will make the change a possibility. 

Let’s be the change we want to see. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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