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Solar, Roofing, Battery, and Beyond – Making It All Work


One of the special qualities a company has is the ability to look into the future, grasp it, and bring into the present. Consider Tesla as an example. The company has a vision and it innovates – the perfect combination to influence and lead. They’ve managed to disrupt the industry in ways which their competitors have to catch up. What has made LA Solar Group a leader in the solar industry is by following the same model, disrupting the norm with innovation.

The last 8 years have proven how thinking creatively makes a positive difference. As a company, we’ve made tough decisions, took some risks to achieve the success we have today. Every choice we make is towards our goal: To improve the lives of people and the planet with smart energy solutions.

Every decision we have made to grow as a company was based on this foundation. It’s how we define our core values. Our value system not only helped us survive in the volatile and challenging energy industry but also to thrive. The dedication to innovate and grow is a continuing evolution. Although some companies tried a similar approach and collapsed, we expanded. We’ve touchdown into new markets, cities, and neighborhoods, even crossing borders into different states.

In the beginning, we installed a Solar Panel System, one home at a time. We feel our dedication to clean energy and customer satisfaction, is what sets us apart from the competition. clean energy, quality work, . We discovered ways on how we could improve and help more customers. We knew we had to make an impact. We committed ourselves to making renewable energy an easy and affordable investment for everyone.

So with this awareness and understanding, we pushed harder. We worked harder. We became more creative and we achieved more. We grew beyond our expectations. The best part is that we continued the momentum and never stopped

Today, our fundamental purpose continues to be our source of inspiration. We’ve helped countless people and businesses to improve their lives with clean energy. We helped property owners make the best of their investment. All in a while, at the same time protecting our environment. As a business, we’ve learned that rare ability to see into the future and to bring that vision into the present. Today, the future of energy is beyond just solar. The future is about solar and roofing, battery and solar, energy management and energy efficiency. And our innovation will bring the synergy that the industry was missing to make it all work.

We are proud to provide clean, affordable solar energy to households and businesses across California.
LA Solar Team


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