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Rolling Blackouts

Start Conserving As Rolling Blackouts Are Around


It continues to be hotter in California, which signals that unexpected Rolling Blackouts may be around. No wonder California’s electric grid operators have warned consumers to conserve as much as possible in order to prevent unwanted power outages. Meanwhile, heat waves continue baking the western states. No wonder that the Los Angeles County Health Department has warned of extreme heat due to high temperatures expected.

Flex Alert Urging To Conserve

The California Independent System Operator responsible for the state’s grid management has issued a Flex Alert urging for voluntary power conservation from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday. According to the alert, the residents were asked to raise the thermostat to at least 78 degrees and to avoid using large appliances during evening hours. But even back in February, the grid operators were well aware of the potential threat that Rolling Blackouts could bring. In February, the California Public Utilities Commissions warned large companies to secure more energy supplies by the summer.


Will Power Outages Happen This Summer?

Even though the heat is still not equivalent to last years’ extreme, the state officials are still worried that this summer will exceed. California has been prepared better than ever, installing 300 megawatts additional capacity to handle the demand. However, importing from other states is much limited this year as other states in the west are also challenged with high temperatures. Besides, California’s hydroelectric facilities are getting weaker due to severe drought gripping all over the state. Hence, the risk of Rolling Blackouts is still sound, and no one is fully guaranteed against it.


Why Going Solar Is The Only Solution?

If you have never experienced power outages and think you will never face it, then just don’t. No one is protected against those unexpected Rolling Blackouts. The name itself talks much about its unpredictability.


Besides, even if you get lucky and pass around those unexpected shutdowns, you can never pass by the rising electricity bills, which increases the energy burden on you and your family. In 2020 only, the electricity prices in California have gone up by 7.5%, making it the biggest price increase among the states. Today, California residents are paying 70% more for electricity than US residents on average.

The author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan



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