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Tesla Powerwall – New Testing Results And Price Increase


A power storage battery is a necessary device in every residential or commercial building. It ensures a power backup and electricity supply whenever necessary. The device is especially required in areas with frequent rolling blackouts or power outages. It is also suitable for EV charging. However, some people underestimate the applicability of a power storage battery claiming their high price is not worth the investment. These are usually people who have not experienced this device as a solar system component. Since Tesla Powerwall price is reportedly increasing, a question arises; is it worth installing? Another question is; how much does a Tesla Powerwall cost at present? 


According to the information provided by a customer, the price has increased by about 54 percent. He inquired with the company representatives who provided the price being $53,649 instead of $34,743. The latter is the price proposed the previous years. The cost, however, is intended for Tesla Powerwall installation plus solar roofs. This was not the only incident with price overestimation for the clients. Several other customers also reported about the extremely high price suggested by the company after their inquiry. Soon Elon Musk reported a miscalculation of the price and offered home Powerwall for the customers who would renew the orders. The competitor companies pile it on thick after Tesla Powerwall review and CEO announced the modification process made for the future buyers of the device. Namely, the idea of selling the power storage battery is only paired with the Tesla PV system. 

Nowadays, it is impossible to prevent information leakage due to the internet and permanent media availability. Hence, a user posted the Tesla Powerwall specs for the Powerwall + on the internet, revealing the new battery pack’s future capacities. The new device’s “design and streamlined installation” makes it easily connectible to any house. With an integrated inverter, system controller and battery, it is claimed to power air conditioners and motors. It is said to have time-based control with self-powered application mode. With Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE connectivity, it will have availability to Tesla mobile app updates. According to the users’ post, the future Tesla Powerwall capacities and features will be as follows. 60Hz frequency 120/240 VAC standard grid voltage, 240VAC:2W+N+GND phase, 5kWinput and 7kW output. As the user claims, the device’s dimensions are 1596mm x 755mm x 160mm, with the weight being about 343.9 pounds (155 kg). Although there is no official confirmation of the information by the company itself, it is most probable to be released in the nearest future. 


The only fact that can be stated is that it is hard to estimate the total price of the device. The answer to the question “how much is a Tesla Powerwall?” can be finalized only at the end of all required components’ calculations. Note that the device alone costs about $7,000, excluding all the other components and accompanying services. As a rough calculation, a 5kW solar system will cost from $9,000 to $15,000

Another information from an independent user spread into the internet, where he demonstrates the capacities of his Tesla power battery. The device showed excellent performance during 48 hours’ power off when the house consumed 56.7 kWh a day. The house owner was excited to note that the results were unexpected indeed. This means that the Powerwall is capable of withstanding an average house load with outstanding sustainability. 

Most frequently, the feedback from independent consumers is priceless since they share personal experiences without pursuing any interest. In the end, one concludes that despite the Tesla Powerwall cost, it is a mere necessity to have one installed in the house. There will come a time when each house will have a power storage device to avoid unexpected inconveniences with the power supply. 

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan



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