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To The Sun & Back: Show Appreciation On This Special Mom’s Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to show your mum love. Our mothers have given us life and love us unconditionally. They are the sun of our lives. So, the best way to tell the mother about your love is to show your appreciation as a family is first of all care. Beyond the standard Mother’s day flowers and cards, make a little different gift this year than you did in the past. In those unprecedented times and after a challenging past year for many families, making a practical gift your mum will enjoy is a perfect idea.

As we know, the best gifts are usually those making the ones you love happy and warm. And what can be better than giving your mum a lot of warmth and energy coming from the sun she deserves for the upcoming years?

Solar Is Always A Good Idea

The way life is not possible without a mom giving birth, it wouldn’t be possible also without the light and heat of the sun. Sun is a free source of energy. Every day the sun radiates an enormous amount of energy that is more than possible to use in a year. The energy reaching the Earth’s atmosphere goes toward weather and stabilizes the temperature on the Earth. Moreover, solar energy can be used for solar power, turning into solar heat with solar thermal power plants or photovoltaic cells. So, about 15% of the solar power hits the surface and reflects into space. About 30% evaporates water and produces rain. Plants, oceans and land use another amount. Accordingly, the rest is the available solar power applicable to our energy needs.


Switching to solar energy is not an easy decision. Finding the best solar panel companies will simplify your path of going solar. One of the main advantages of going solar is that your family can use solar power at night or in bad weather when the sun is not shining. Furthermore, with solar batteries storing energy, it will become possible to be secure in case of power outages.

Solar Is Good For The Environment

Solar energy is cleaner and environmentally more friendly than other sources of energy. It is renewable and has no carbon emissions. By producing solar energy, you will reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced during fossil fuel energy generation. Thus, solar power will help improve your health and your family’s health by preventing hazardous air pollution. A solar panel system at home or work will reduce your reliance on fossil fuel energy and decrease your carbon footprint. So, solar panel installation can provide your family with energy independence and reliability. Moreover, the best-fit solar panel kit will provide you with the essential benefits of solar power.

Solar Will Protect From Rising Energy Costs And Lower The Utility Bills

So, you can show your loved ones your appreciation through durable solar energy. Solar PV systems require almost no maintenance. They will withstand winds, heavy snowfall and more extreme weather conditions. Besides, solar panel kits will reduce or even eliminate electricity bills. Generating your clean electricity will let you save money. The amount of savings depends on the location, the solar panel system and overall electricity consumption. However, the most critical factor today is the grid electricity rates that continue to rise. Installing solar panels will prevent you from unpredictable electricity costs.


In plus, going solar and installing solar panels increases the home value and suggests additional benefits. Currently, the United States federal government and the states offer tax credits and solar rebate and incentive programs making solar energy more affordable and providing extra savings.

What Is The Federal Solar Tax Credit?

The federal residential solar energy credit is a tax credit claimed on federal income taxes for a percentage of a solar PV system’s cost. The solar systems installed in 2021 can claim about 22% credit for systems. You are eligible for the credit program if your solar panel system is installed from 2006 to 2021 if you own the PV system (you have purchased it with cash or through financing and don’t lease the system.


Solar Power Will Warm Your Mom’s Heart

Once, solar energy and solar panel systems were not affordable because of their high cost. However, the solar panel price is rapidly decreasing. So, it is a sign of change in how we power and heat our buildings. Besides, most people enjoy the sunlight that awakens love towards solar energy and solar products. As a result, solar power becomes more popular every year.

To conclude, it is essential to tell our mothers we love and respect them every chance we get. So, show your mum love in your unique way. Celebrate Mother’s Day with LA SOLAR GROUP. Happy Mother’s Day!

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan