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Go Solar And Make Your Country Stronger


Did you know that July 4th has a plethora of interesting facts hidden behind it? One of the unknown ones is that July 4th should have been on July 2nd because the exact date of independence voting is the 2nd of July, not the 4th of July. Interesting, right? Anyways, it turns out with the help of engraving a message at the bottom of the signed document in an upside-down manner, which says “Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July 1776,” July 4th is the day to celebrate. How do we celebrate such an important and festive event? We just party hard on that day, making us free from work and duties.


As a matter of fact, Americans eat 150,000,000 hot dogs during that day. Even though this sounds tasty and fun to make and enjoy, there is a huge issue concerning the state of the country at an economic level. Americans make and consume such a massive amount of hot dogs that get prepared on fryers outside the house. Can you imagine the amount of electricity that gets wasted? That’s huge! Taking into account that fossil fuel is the main source of power people consume, waste generation alongside the production of greenhouse gas emissions on July 4th is of considerable amount, too. So, we are independent but not waste-and-carbon-free? There is a need to shift towards sustainability, and one of the great ways to do that is switching to renewable energy like solar energy. Why solar? Let’s proceed with the article and find out!

Why Solar Energy?

  • Good For The Environment

Considering that independence is an important asset that we acquired, it is significant to keep in mind that further, there is the need to be independent yet sustainable and environmentally friendly. Why is that important? Because today the world strives towards environmental sustainability and from the economic point of view, being a country that goes line in line with environmental sustainability, attracts tourists, importers, etc. As you can already guess, the number one reason to go for solar energy is environmental sustainability. Solar power is amazing for the environment.

  • Grid Independent

As metaphoric as it may sound, but Independence Day may declare independence from the electric grid if you start consuming the energy of the sun. Solar energy is not connected to the grid, which brings up a plethora of perks to enjoy. First of all, the issue of paying for fluctuating electricity every other month gets eliminated. The thing is that the sun never changes power rates and is not included in the volatile market. Plus, the solar industry undergoes a price diminishing procedure which brings up solar panel cost decrease. With a reduction in solar panel cost, the urge to use solar power gets bigger, but no price gets added to monthly payments with energy consumption. You may wonder whether the solar panel efficiency is high enough to sustain a house both during the daytime and nighttime. Of course, it does. For instance, if you go for solar panel kits – a bundle of equipment aiding the process of the sun’s energy supply includes a solar panel battery. It conserves excess electricity for later use upon demand. That “later use upon demand” can be in the night or during a blackout/power outage. In comparison to grid-connected resources, off-grid solar panel systems function no matter the circumstances.


Solar Panel Installation Is The Key To Economic Upgrade

Well, well, now the picture with the sun’s power gets clearer. Indeed, is acquiring a solar panel system contributory to economic upgrade in the US – independent country? Of course, it is! As mentioned above at the beginning of the article, Americans make and enjoy 1,500,000 hot dogs on July 4th ONLY. Of course, that is not the only activity they conduct, but it is the main energy-consuming one. Not only may it damage the economy of the country financial-wise, but it is also environmentally unsustainable to use that much fossil fuel power. Here, solar panel installation is the rescuer, and solar panel companies like LA Solar Group can help you with choosing the best fit for your needs and preferences. Regarding July 4th, with photovoltaic panels, people get the opportunity to electrify fryers with the sun’s energy and use as little power as possible without wasting energy and making the environment dirty. Financial-wise – people win and get the opportunity to invest money in the economy. Environmental-wise – people add value to the creation of the sustainable lifestyle the world strives towards.


Final Note

July 4th is Independence Day having the potential to put a start to good habits and put an end to bad ones. Let’s put an end to the consumption of fossil fuels and put a start to the consumption of solar energy. Environmentally friendly, affordable, economically upgrading, and grid-independent – the sun’s energy is a resource sent from heaven. Don’t lose the opportunity to save on July 4th and make the world a better place to live in.

Go Solar and Make Your Country Stronger!

Author of the publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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