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Meeting California’s Clean Energy Goals With Solar Energy


Life without electricity interruptions is now possible in California. Solar energy is what California needs and aims at while meeting its clean energy goals. But, what is solar energy? It is the heat and light coming from the sun which gets converted into electricity consumable by humans through solar equipment. To make sure that the sun’s energy works at its full potential, you need to ensure that the best components are chosen for the solar energy system. LA Solar Group, along with Nevada Solar Group, is a few of those solar energy companies that are capable of providing the best fit for solar energy consumption in Los Angeles, California. Thanks to them and knowledgeable consumers, California has all the cards to meet its clean energy goals with the energy of the sun. To understand how it will be done, let’s proceed with the article.

How Is Solar Energy Produced?

Solar energy production is a complex process monitored by an inverter. This piece of equipment is used to convert AC (Alternating Current) type of energy to DC (Direct Current) energy type. As long as solely the latter is usable by people, we have no other way of accessing solar power. However, before getting to an inverter, a technical process starts from the sun and reaches earth. At first, photovoltaic cells’ arrays manage to collect the sunlight and convert that energy into electricity through photon radiation. Afterward, it’s an inverter’s turn to finalize AC to DC conversion. Finally, already using solar power is capable of being supplied to buildings either for residential or commercial use. Indeed, if a facility uses an on-grid solar system, the power would be provided to the electrical grid for further transmission to a needed location.


How Does Solar Energy Work?

After the production stage, the sun’s energy starts getting consumed for everyday use. As long as the electricity bill comes monthly in fixed amounts and doesn’t fluctuate like fossil fuel electricity, there is only one way of measuring solar power consumption – a bi-directional meter. So-called utility meters help the solar consumer to record how much energy got consumed during the month. Additionally, it records how much power got sent back to the electrical grid. The whole process is termed net-metering. Thanks to the procedure, consumers have the opportunity to monitor the sun’s energy consumption and conservation.


How Can Solar Energy Be Conserved?

There is one piece of solar equipment with storing capabilities called a solar panel battery.Thanks to this equipment, people have the opportunity to store excess, unconsumed energy for later use upon demand. 6+

Such a possibility gives the customer a chance to use power in measurable amounts upon purpose, not just giving out money for the merest possible electricity amount. Not to mention, if with fossil fuels, people have the issue of facing constant power outages and region-wise blackouts, with the energy of the sun, such problems get eliminated thanks to the solar storage equipment. The amount of power that gets conserved in the battery bank gets later used whenever an electricity outage or blackout occurs. California, seems like solar energy is a perfect fit for you – a region facing such problems constantly!

Solar Energy And Clean Energy Goals of California

One of the most important criteria to meet California’s clean energy goals is to build loads of solar panel batteries. The thing is that California is a region full of power outages and blackouts – an issue that disconnects people from an ongoingly developing world dependent on the Internet. To overcome this, batteries should be supplied all over the city to make sure that people have access to an inexhaustible resource – the energy of the sun.


Another considerable change to meet the clean energy goals of California is solar roofing. The combination of solar panels and roof design will ensure the constant availability of power. For the purpose of solar roofing, companies like LA solar Group design solar shingles, which make the roof look prettier, smoother, and shinier. Plus, the roof gets under a tag of sustainability as it starts supplying the sun’s energy.

Final Note

Taking into account how solar energy is produced, how it works, how it gets conserved, and how California can meet its clean energy goals, the power of the sun is apt for such a purpose. Each Californian resident should consume environmentally friendly, inexhaustible, savvy, and flexible resources. There is no better feeling than the moment you understand that electricity issues are in the past.

A bright and sunny future is possible in California, LA, with the sun.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan 



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