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Take Care of Your Family! Solar Modules Can Handle Cold Climate


If you live in a cold climate, you might wonder what effects the weather has on solar energy production. Most people are sceptical about the performance of solar modules in cold climate. There are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy in cold climates, so let’s tackle that.

Do Solar Panels Work In Cold Weather?


People think that solar panels run on the heat from the sun, but in reality, solar energy is created from the sun’s light. While solar modules effectiveness in LA is high, it’s the same case in cooler climates. Because of this, cold climates don’t affect solar energy production in any negative way. It is better to invest in solar energy in cooler areas as it is more optimal for solar panel efficiency. As long as the sun is shining, you can have an endless supply of renewable energy for your home or business. Solar modules and cold climate go hand in hand for the best experience in renewables.

Does Snow Affect Solar Energy Production?

You might be wondering if the snow will lessen your energy production. A light layer of dusting won’t affect production as it is effortless for the wind to carry it away. If your panels have a tilt, a thick layer of snow will slide off of them and won’t block the production capability of your panels. In most cases, snow helps solar panels produce more electricity because of the albedo effect. The white surface of snow reflects the light and works as a mirror, and as a result, your panels become more efficient. That’s one of the uses of solar energy in winter.

How To Protect Solar Panels From Cold Climate In The USA?


You might think of ensuring your solar panels don’t get any damage in the climate you have. In reality, manufacturers design industrial-grade solar panels in a way to withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as to handle a certain amount of weight. For example, they would be able to bear snowfall. Panels are tested to withstand freezing temperatures and heavy snow. So, even in below-freezing temperatures. In any case, if you are worried, you can use protective covers. Additionally, you can have an extra layer of Methacrylate. As mentioned before, having them arranged at an angle will help snow and hail slide off not to block any sunlight and halt potential energy production. 

If you live in a cold climate, you can also consider investing in solar water heaters in winter since usually, water bills get significantly more significant due to the cold weather. 

Overall, we have established that solar panels and cold climate do not harm any production. You won’t be losing any energy if you install panels in a cooler climate. It is better for the efficiency of your panels.



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