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Rolling Blackouts

Final Conclusion On Reasons Behind Summer Rolling Blackouts


Summer Rolling Blackouts were unpleasant surprises leaving many unanswered questions behind. After some speculations, the final report was finally released with the conclusion that extreme heat waves, from climate change, drove the excessive demand for electricity. Some of the critics blamed Californias’ determination to switch entirely on renewable energy without allocating the capacity for greater production. Indeed, California is one of the pioneers adopting 100% clean energy goals and currently having 29.2 GW solar power. However, stakeholders agree that shutdowns were the result of more like inadequate planning and market problems behind the California Rolling Blackouts. Not only were there transmission lines failing but also natural gas plans seized working due to the hot weather. Moreover, this report once again states that California has an urgent need to invest in long-term energy storage. 


The most popular question of the year is whether California can avoid repeating Rolling Blackouts and whether or no renewable energy is the solution. Let’s not forget the heatwave that caused all this chaos was exceptional in its kind and occurred because of climate change. Now let’s go back to the root and recall what’s causing climate change. It’s no secret that the main cause of climate change is the use of fossil fuels, mainly to generate electricity. So switching entirely to renewable energies will also reduce the human carbon footprint hindering similar extreme and unexpected occurrences in the future. No wonder that California is now under tight pressure on generating enough capacity that will eliminate potential Rolling Blackouts. None can anticipate what the weather will be like this year, but California already planned thousands of megawatts and mostly in large batteries. This is a real challenge and a huge opportunity at the same time for solar companies to move faster with their innovations and create an infrastructure that facilitates a smooth and quick transition towards solar energy. The State Incentives, in a way, exhilarate the process as much as possible. 


Whether or not California is ready for another heat wave, the time will show, and relying on the state to solve all your energy problems is not so wise. What’s best for you is taking all preconditions and securing yourself from Rolling Blackouts.  During times of electricity crisis, it will be very beneficial to install Solar Panel System and Tesla Powerwall for gaining independence and security from the grid while getting financial benefits.

Author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan



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