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Rolling Blackouts

Power Outages Driving The Cool Roof Coating Market


California Summer Rolling Blackouts rolled over the market, pushing the demand for products and services that at first sight have no direct connection to it. This time let’s talk about the Cool Roof Coating market, which is anticipated to grow by almost 8% by 2026. It’s interesting to see that the growing trend is both in residential and industrial applications such as malls, warehouses, and workshops. Let’s understand what the reasons behind this increase are.

Energy Consumption Reduction

It’s interesting to see that the demand for overall energy-saving materials has jumped up alongside climate change severe occurrences. The new houses are built with such energy-saving materials, and the commercial buildings are renovated using merely such products. Cool Roof Coating is also considered as one of such products that substantially reduce energy consumption. These kinds of roofs are both environmentally friendly and economically sustainable. As a matter of fact, Cool Metal Roofs bring down the annual energy cost by about 40%. Indeed, metal roofs are highly reflective, re-emitting up to 90% of absorbed solar radiation. By reducing the consumption of energy, the Cool Roofs reduce the environmental footprint of the buildings. These roofs also help reduce the urban heat island effect, due to which cities experience a much warmer climate than rural areas around.


Enhanced Roof Durability And Convenience

Another reason that makes Cool Roofing so popular is that it extends the lifespan of the roof. These green roofing materials are dust and water resistant, which makes the roof more durable compared to the standard roofs. Although being an exterior fundamental, Cool Roofing also ensures indoor convenience, preventing heat absorption and re-emitting radiation. Thus, it becomes a temperature controlling mechanism to make your indoor environment stable and convenient.


Cool Roofing Helps To Prevent Power Outages

Cool Roofing, as mentioned, helps to reduce energy consumption. While radiating the sun heat, it also decreases the need to use air conditioning much, as the indoor temperature doesn’t rise substantially. If you wonder how it ties up to the Rolling Blackouts, think of it as a simple formula. Cool Roofing that radiates energy and sustains cool temperature in the house, subsequently reduces the need for house cooling. If there is less need for cooling, there is less need for energy production. Hence, the burden on the grid is reduced as it supplies 40% less annually for a single house with Cool Roofing.

Final Note  

As Climate Change brings forward extreme, record-breaking weather conditions, the risk of unexpected Rolling Blackouts increases. Millions of people in 2020 experienced shutdowns and got afraid that a similar situation would occur. Texas was a big red flag for other states and residents to be more proactive in fighting grid failures and Rolling Blackouts. As a result, the demand for energy-saving applications has risen big time, including Cool Roofing. Solar Panel systems together with Cool Roofing are perfect weapons to be armed to prevent power outages.

The author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan



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