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Rolling Blackouts

Storage Batteries: The Best Way To Prevent Rolling Blackouts


Rolling Blackouts have become a real headache in the  recent year. Both California and Texas suffered big time because of unexpected power outages. In Texas about 4.5 million people felt the harsh consequences of not having electricity during the Rolling Blackouts. As for California, shutdowns weren’t as harsh compared to Texas, but 2 million residents were still affected by those outages. These two states were sobering signals for the entire country, making people more proactive to hinder such occurrences. 

What Caused Rolling Blackouts?

 As the last step to emergency procedures, Rolling Blackouts occur when supply doesn’t meet demand, especially during peak hours. Those temporary outages rolling over the state are planned to avoid prolonged outages in a specific area, trying to reduce the burden on the grid for potentially worse scenarios. Both of the states became victims of Rolling Blackouts due to the record-breaking climate conditions. California has never seen such hot weather, and the August California heat wave around 130 degrees Fahrenheit was considered one of the highest temperatures ever reported. The widespread extreme heat caused wildfires to occur, which threatened the grid system operation. Texas was on the other end of the spectrum, as here the trigger was a winter storm, which caused the coldest closest conditions in the state experienced since 1989. The gas tubes and the grid generators were frozen and pressed with high demand, which caused some of the grid generators to go offline. Hence, in both cases grid was not able to handle the extreme weather conditions and overload, making it less reliable for consumers.


How To Prevent Rolling Blackouts?

If the grid system loses its reliability and the grid failure is one of the main reasons behind Rolling Blackouts, how should you proceed? Isn’t the grid responsible for generating electricity? The answer is obvious yet veiled, waiting for you to uncover. The only way to get independent from Rolling Blackouts is to get independent from the grid. But How? 

Solar Panels+Storage Batteries are here to save you from such unprecedented inconvenience of power shutdowns. Solar Panels will generate a sufficient amount of electricity from unlimited power of the sun- power that won’t be hindered from cold or heat, as the panels are designed to be extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions. The generated power needs to be stored somewhere as a backup plan when the grid fails. This is where Storage Batteries jump in. Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Storage Batteries are great options for you to choose from. Tesla stores 13.5 kWh of energy that can back up for a day or more. With just one tap in the Enphase App, you are independent or tied up to the grid whenever needed. 


Both of the batteries are durable and have a 10-year  warranty for you to be sure that you are free from any kind of power outages. Both of the Batteries can both be charged from the grid. So, if it is night and you have used all your solar energy produced, you can store it from the grid to be prepared for potential power outages. It takes just a fraction of the second for those batteries to restore the power at home during the outages. So, at the same time, when all other neighbors are struggling with unexpected shutdowns, you won’t even feel that similar outages occurred. Both batteries have apps that help you easily navigate through, see the consumption, and take corresponding actions depending on how long you need to use the stored energy. To download apps, you just have to go to AppStore or Google Play and get those apps with just one tap. Monitoring your use of appliances, you can discover non-essential ones in the list and shut them down for using the energy wiser. What else do you need for building a solid shield against unexpected Rolling Blackouts

Final Note

Let’s also consider that the grid failed because of extreme weather conditions that occurred because of climate change. Solar Panel System and Storage Batteries will reduce your footprint on climate change. Both are environmentally friendly not only by their functionality but also by the materials used. 

Go Solar, Go Save The Environment and Your Money. 

The author of a publication: Elen Gevorgyan



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