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Review Of 2020 As A Year Of Solar Energy


2020 is close to its end, which means that it is time to review how sustainable it was. Renewable energy dominated 2020. Solar energy arose in popularity. Green energy companies started focusing on the energy of the sun because the solar industry grows at a record pace. The consumption of the energy of the sun implies financial and environmental benefits for both the consumer and the company. Throughout the year, Earth daily received 173,000 terawatts of the energy of the sun. To illustrate the significance of the last number, the total energy consumption on Earth is 10,000 times lower than sunlight energy daily strikes on Earth. Can you already imagine the success of the energy of the sun in 2020? This year, thousands of people from 37 countries went solar. Solar panel companies supplied panels to households and commercial buildings to sustain consumption of the energy of the sun. As these companies give you the option of assisting you throughout the whole installation process and post-service, your smooth experience with them is guaranteed. The only thing you have to do is going solar, enjoying its benefits, and living your best, sustainable life. 


How Can Solar Panel Installation Add Value To Your Life?

You get the opportunity to get usable electricity that exactly equals the percentage of solar panel efficiency metrics. If you purchase a panel with 20 percent efficiency, you get 20 percent of sunlight energy – no waste of energy. Efficiency can fluctuate according to the material, reflectance efficiency, and thermodynamic efficiency. But let me tell you that you don’t need these scientific details. The only thing you need to know and keep in mind is that the efficiency of a photovoltaic system, with a solar panel inverter as a base, guarantees no waste of energy. “No waste” is the motto of this day and age, isn’t it? 

If we talk about “no waste,” we talk about solar panel batteries. Like the Tesla Powerwall, they guarantee a long life expectancy for your photovoltaic system. It turns out that with solar panel installation, you get the opportunity to consume energy without waste and conserve it for later use. The best sustainable energy source that you can ever think of! 


As 2020 ends, reminding you about the solar energy benefits won’t be extra. 

Many companies like LA Solar Group constantly reiterate how you can benefit from the advantages of solar energy through photovoltaic panel installation. Money-saving, improved lifestyle, aid to the environment, and increased home value are at the top of the benefits list of photovoltaic panels. 

  • How do solar panels help you save money? The energy that gets conserved with them frees you from the obligation to pay utility bills. A considerable portion of monthly payments shrink. Besides, a financial incentive that helps you save money is a solar panel tax credit. In 2020, it was 26 percent. By 2022, it will drop to 0 percent. There is no need to worry about this! Just do not hesitate and hurry up to purchase a solar panel with already 22 percent solar panel tax credit in 2021. Do not miss such an affordable opportunity.  


  • How does your lifestyle get improved? Imagine a blackout happens in your residence, and you still have WiFi connectivity, working electric equipment, and access to TV. An improved lifestyle: access to energy during a blackout. 


  • How does a solar panel system purchase aid the environment? The energy of the sun is a source of sustainable energy. It enhances sustainability and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Easy. 


  • How does your home value increase? Today,  homeowners are ready to pay a higher price for houses that have solar panels. They value the opportunity to pay for a house and eliminate the cost of installation, as well as the cost of a panel. 


What About Solar Panel Installation Without The Assistance of The Companies?

Home solar panel kits are the solution to panel installation without the aid of the companies. By purchasing a home photovoltaic kit, you may eliminate the assistance of the companies. Another thing that you can have at your disposal is the solar panel cost calculator. It helps you calculate the cost of your photovoltaic panel without the assistance of the company that you bought the product from. No matter the size of a solar panel, you have the opportunity to take the whole process of installation and financing under your supervision. 


We reviewed 2020 as a year of the energy of the sun. What did we come up with? The solar industry is growing at a record pace. In 2020, the solar industry’s growth overdid itself. The solar energy benefits and the installation of photovoltaic panels enhance an individual’s financial state, improve lifestyle, and aid the environment. The variety of products that can be offered from companies like LA Solar Group allow you to take advantage of supervising and managing the whole process ranging from financing to installation processes. Let 2020 be an example of why you should go solar in 2021!

Author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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