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Roof With Solar Energy: What Are Solar Shingles?


Your roof can help you generate energy. While once this could seem impossible, today, solar roofs are becoming increasingly popular.

With climate changes and declining water supplies, renewable energy usage importance rises every year. Nowadays, solar power has become the most reliable and fastest-growing form of renewable energy. Moreover, solar technologies’ development makes converting the sun’s energy into electricity and heat more affordable. Hence, solar power and a green roof is a perfect smart combination of solar technologies.

What Is Solar Roofing?

The idea of solar roofs is to replace your basic roof tiles with solar rooftop generating power from the sun and giving you energy freedom. So, solar roofs are an effective way to reduce your environmental impact and produce energy simultaneously. Solar shingles, sometimes called photovoltaic shingles, are designed to look like regular asphalt or slate tiles generating electricity from the sun.


Solar shingles have a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology serving both as roofing and gathering solar power. So, the roof harnesses solar energy, and you will not need additional external panels.

Solar shingles unite aesthetics and modern technologies. Because of its appearance, a solar panel roof shingle can blend in with a house’s design. Solar roof shingle installation is a growing trend worldwide and will add value to your home.

How Do Solar Shingles Work?

When the sun’s rays hit the solar roofing, the coating of solar shingles knocks electrons from light particles. Traveling through the electrical circuit, the electron joins other electrons resulting in current generating energy. This energy is then used to produce electricity or heat.

There is no need for a lot of sun to generate electricity. Solar shingles and a solar panel system can produce energy even in winter or when the weather is bad.


What Are The Benefits Of Solar Shingles?

Energy costs increase every year, making solar energy a sustainable alternative for generating power for your energy needs. Solar shingles and solar energy have a lot of benefits, emerging to higher solar advancements.

The main advantage of solar roofing shingles is the aesthetically pleasing and attractive look and design.

The financial part is another essential advantage of your solar shingles. If you install solar shingles instead of regular shingles or other roofing materials, you will have an opportunity to produce your energy. Accordingly, you will have a decrease in the electricity bills. In case you produce more than you spare, you can even receive money sending the energy access back to the grid.

Installing solar battery storage to your solar system will help you better manage your energy needs and add value to your solar system. The surplus electricity created by your solar shingles will be stored in the battery until you need it in case of a power failure or at night. Moreover, you can always reduce your solar investment by receiving money or getting credits with solar federal and state tax incentives and rebates.

Another advantage of solar shingle installation is its environmental part. Solar energy is a naturally clean sort of energy. So, installing solar shingles will reduce your carbon footprint on the planet.


What Should You Know Before Installing Solar Shingle Roofing?

Going solar is a great way to invest. However, you should thoroughly research all the benefits and pitfalls of solar shingles to make your right decision. Solar shingles are expensive and even a few times more expensive than solar panels. So, solar shingles are a significant investment unless you plan to move to a new place soon. Hence, sometimes, installing solar panel kits is a better and more cost-efficient decision for you.

It is also essential to understand your home energy needs. When installing solar shingle roofing, consider the amount of electricity you are going to use. It will let you calculate the exact solar system size for your energy needs. Also, consider your current home energy usage and the available amount of sun. In California, where the sun is at its highest rate, you will need fewer shingles to generate electricity.

Then you should check all the permissions required for your solar system installation. There are a lot of rules and regulations you need to follow. So, pay attention to details and do research.

How To Find A Qualified Solar Contractor?

The solar shingle market is relatively new. So, not all companies have experience of installing solar shingles yet. You need to check if your chosen company has the required licensing and professional team to help you.

It is always the right time to turn to solar energy usage and to install solar shingles at your home. Best solar panel companies will ensure you have chosen the right style and the best design for your roofing to optimize your solar production. LA Solar Group specialists consider all your preferences, including your energy goals, lifestyle, and financial situation. So, we are always there to support and guide you for your lifetime period.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 



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